It has been an honor and privilege to represent our community the past 15 years, first as a member of the Board of Education, and today as a member of the Borough Council. During this time I have consistently focused my attention on the things that I believed would make our community a better place to live, including:

  • Diving into the details of all our budgets to find cost-saving opportunities, and trying to ensure we are not accumulating taxpayers’ money without a good reason.
  • Fighting to bring the cost of electricity down, matching the reduction in cost the borough was receiving in its purchases since 2014. This has resulted in millions of dollars saved by our residents and businesses over the past three years. We’ve made a good start, but we can and must do better.
  • Prioritizing the use of the priority taxes and utility dollars we collect from residents so our critical infrastructure, like water, electric and sewer are in Class A shape.
  • Analyzing the trends of shops and customers in our downtown so we are prepared to handle where it will be in 10 years, and ensure the borough is doing its part to keep the downtown vital and accessible.
  • Working with our partners at the board of education to assist in whatever we can do to help them deliver the best education we can provide to our children.
  • Providing guidance to our administrative team in the many areas that I have experience from my three decades of running large teams, projects, and budgets in the private sector.
  • Pushing our teams to modernize our utility metering and billing systems so that we can eliminate many of the labor-intensive manual processes we’ve been doing for decades.
  • Working with all our wonderful and dedicated volunteers on the committees, boards and commissions I’ve been able to work with the past six years
  • Remaining an independent voice on council, asking the tough questions that I know many residents would if they were sitting in my chair, and speaking out when I feel the community needs to be aware of an issue they should pay more attention to.
  • Over the lost three decades my wife Kim and I have lived in Madison we’ve tried to give back to the community through our various volunteer efforts and I consider my public service just an extension of that repayment.

    I hope that on November 5 you will vote to allow me to continue to serve you all for the next three years, and I would also ask that you support my running mate, Kathy Dailey, who I know will bring the same level of professional experience, dedication and thoughtful leadership to our borough council.