MADISON, NJ - The North Star Athletic Club was packed with Madison residents as they filled the house to hear Joe Piscopo and Madison Gesiotto entertain the crowd on Tuesday, October 9th.

The Madison Republican Committee hosted the Saturday Night Live Super-Star and 970 AM Radio phenom for the second year in a row.  This year, they added a new face when they invited Madison Gesiotto to join the stage. The two nationally prominent, well known celebrities led the evening of light-hearted and comical entertainment while also discussing the current political climate.  Joe Piscopo has galvanized a relationship with Joseph Falco. Jr., the Chair of the Madison Republicans, because Piscopo’s grandfather was a rose grower in Madison back in the 1890’s and was laid to rest at Saint Vincent’s Cemetery in Madison.

Madison Gesiotto was President Trump’s Chair of Young American’s For Trump 2016 and is now a Co-Chair of Women For Trump 2020.  She is a former Miss Ohio and Finalist in the Miss America Contest.  Miss Gesiotto returned to her alma mater, Ohio State to earn a law degree soon after.  She was also on the USA Olympic skating  team. 

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Mr. Piscopo sang a song made famous by Frank Sinatra, My Home Town and then followed-up with a comical tune about New Jersey.  Joe spoke of the opportunities granted to him in Madison, NJ and how his family is both indebted to the town and the United States of America.  Both Mr. Piscopo and Miss Gesiotto spoke about the positive direction they felt the country is going in specifically having the strongest economy in the world and the highest stock market in decades. "Success in the area of legal and safe Immigration and an unemployment rate that is at a 50 year low, makes me proud to be an American", Piscopo stated. "I'm also proud that African American employment is also at a 50 year low while military strength and morale are strong,"

The dinner was regarded as delicious and there were fine wines and craft beers available to the guests.

The next day while on the Joe Piscopo show, Madison Gesiotto said on air, “I attend events all over the county and this was the finest gathering of people and great Americans that I have ever had the privilege of meeting!”