MADISON, NJ - During this time, people are using their free time to gather and donated essential items to those in need. These items include face shields, hand sanitizer, and groceries. But for the volunteers of Student Wish List Project, they decided to collect another essential item for families: diapers!                                    

Student Wish List Project (SWLP) is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, based in Madison, designed to help charities and children's hospitals increase their wish list fulfillment by helping students organize donation drives for wish list items.

Since its founding in September of 2018, there have been 67 wish list donation drives involving about 125 students, mostly from the Madison area. Most of SWLP’s partnered charities are local to the New Jersey/New York area. Yet, SWLP has charities in the Midwest and South, and as far as Los Angeles; doing work on local, national, and international levels. To date, SWLP kids have raised more than $40,000 in wish list donations.

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“We help kids, teams, student groups, troops, schools, and companies organize online in-kind donation drives to help our partnered charities with their wish list fulfillment,” said Tania Lee, co-founder and executive director of SWLP. “Most often the donations are purchased on Amazon and sent straight to the charity. We are completely nonprofit and 100 percent of the wish list donations go to the receiving charity.”

Originally from Princeton, Lee and her family has lived in Madison for almost six years now. She runs her own medical writing company. And as of now, she and her young volunteers decided to help some special group during Mother’s Day.

“After reading about desperate parents emptying, washing, and trying to reuse disposable diapers, Student Wish List Project put together a drive to help Moms Helping Moms meet their surging demand for diapers,” said Lee. “We launched our Diapers Are Like Gold donation drive the Tuesday before Mother’s Day via email and social media. As always, the Madison Area Parents and Community Facebook group was extremely helpful in rallying the Madison community, which has always been notable in its spirit and generosity. Just five days of the campaign brought in more than 10,000 diapers and more than 14,000 wipes (most via contactless delivery from Amazon but some local pick-up), which Moms Helping Moms says will serve about 200 children.”

Moms Helping Moms is non-profit foundation whose mission is to provide low-income families in New Jersey with the essential baby items that they may be in short supply of.

“We are grateful to be to help with at least one specific issue in our current crisis,” said Lee. “I was sick in March, then my husband (who is a doctor) was living in the city working corona duty at NYU for weeks. We are thrilled to be healthy and finally back in action again and hoping to do more!”

But even after Mother’s Day week is over, SWLP intends to do other charitable efforts. This includes Story Time with the Student Wish List Project, a private online collection of videos of student volunteers reading children’s books that is designed to provide educational entertainment for kids in need during remote learning in public schools. SWLP is currently taking video submissions from any kid willing to volunteer and who contact the non-profit organization at

SWLP will also be assisting several children and scout troops with wish list drives for charities, which are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as addressing the organization’s partners' specific needs with more focused donation drives.

To learn more about the Student Wish List Project, and all the activities they are involved with, visit their website at

To learn more about Moms Helping Moms, and how to give back for Mother’s Day week, visit the website at


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