Madison, NJ - Madison Environmental Commission chair Claire Whitcomb and Madison resident Bridget Daley recently visited Green Vision Inc. Electronics Recycling in Randolph to drop off e-waste for recycling, including hard-to-recycle VHS tapes. Trained as a special needs teacher, Green Vision executive director Tim Butler  founded the non-profit company in 2010 to train and employ developmentally disabled students and adults in the practice of dismantling and recycling unwanted electronics. His team of “dismantlers” convert waste from area residents and corporate partners into reusable materials, such as copper and aluminum. They can take “virtually anything that has a plug” and recycle it, except for CRT monitors and tube televisions.

This award-winning program not only reduces waste sent to landfills, it also gives participants a means to earn money while learning transferable work and life skills, gaining independence, and being part of a family-like community. Beyond the recycling program, Green Vision also provides eligible individuals with one-on-one prevocational training in a career area that fits their interest and skills, and encourages exercise through an on-site physical fitness program.

To learn more about Green Vision Inc., including a list of items they accept for recycling, visit


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