MADISON, NJ - At Madison’s Town Hall meeting, which took place on Wednesday, May 27 th , Lisa Ellis, Director of Business Development, announced the revised plans for Madison’s May Day and Farmer’s Market. 

To maintain social distancing guidelines, the meeting was held virtually over Zoom.

Opening on Thursday, June 11 th , The Farmer’s Market has been moved from Main Street, between Cook and Central Avenue, to Dodge Field. The extra space that the field provides will make it easier for both vendors and shoppers to social distance. 

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May Day will now be held on June 13 th and 14 th . The event will be scaled-back with smaller volunteer groups. Signs for the sites will feature donors on one side and art on the other side. Daphne Rodas, an 8 th Grader at Madison Junior School, was revealed to be the winner of May Day’s 2020 T-shirt Art Contest. Daphne’s prize is a $100 gift certificate from the Downtown Development Commission (DDC) and Providence Bank.


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