MADISON, NJ - Mark Schwarz, Superintendent of Schools in Madison sent a letter to parents updating them on the district's stance with regard to the Corona virus and Flu. 

"Recently, the New Jersey Department of Health issued updated guidance for schools districts pertaining to the Novel Corona virus", wrote Schwarz. 'The guidance document identifies specific precautions for students who traveled to mainland China in the past 14 days".

The NJ Department of Health advises that parents of students who recently traveled to China must contact their child's school. Such communication will enable the school health professionals to assess any exposure risk and engage in the precautionary measures advised by the NJDOH.

"While the Novel Corona virus may yet be at a "low risk" status, respiratory illness and the flu are currently an immediate concern", the letter continued. "Accordingly, our schools are already adhering to the specified cleaning procedures set forth in the guidance document in order to continue to provide a sanitary learning environment for all students and staff. As parents, you can greatly assist our schools by incorporating the respiratory hygiene practices recommended in the guidance document at home".