Mayor Bob Conley, with the April 9 message. Today I am not going to share the numbers or the latest directives but talk about how we are all handling the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is a special time of year marked with the celebration of Easter, Passover and the arrival of spring. No matter what your religious beliefs may be, our thoughts turn to family, celebration and enjoyment of the great outdoors. Many of you would be looking forward to gatherings at church, at the dinner table or an egg hunt.

This is a different time, not time to turn away from our traditions but a time to adapt. We have early indications of a flattening of the curve, not telling us we can go back to our norm but an affirmation that the sacrifices we have made, the new routines we are following are making a difference.

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This feels like a dark and difficult time but we can look at this week as a reminder that we will get through this. We will come out of this changed but stronger. Just as spring is a rebirth after a gray winter, Easter is a celebration of a resurrection and Passover represents a renewal, regardless of our religious background let us be inspired by the religious traditions and blooming of the flowers.

Honor your family traditions with web gatherings, a special dinner with immediate family, even an egg hunt for your children only. These activities can be so important to our wellbeing and that is so important now. And if you have to go out to prepare for your celebration, follow social distancing guidelines, wear a mask when you shop and thank those working the front line for allowing us to have some level of normalcy during this special time of the year.

next message is planned for Tuesday. Please pass this message on to anyone who may not receive it through social media. Don’t forget to check for updates on on a regular basis.

Take care of yourself, your loved ones and others through social distancing and personal protection measures.

Happy Easter, Joyous Passover and welcome to spring. Be Home, Be well