The most recent reporting from the State shows 141,00 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in New Jersey; over 5,900 are in Morris County, and as of yesterday, 128 cases in Madison. Note that as we are now seeing a leveling of the curve, Madison numbers will be updated on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I can tell by the phone messages that I’m receiving and the face masks worn under the chin by so many, that we just want this to be over. I even called my own office to vent!

I did feel better when I was done, but I knew that this is not the time to let up. We have given up our dinners out, vacations, graduation celebrations and parties for two months, and we just want to go back to the world the way it was, but we know better. We are just not there yet!

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Yes, there are signs that the curve is not only flattening, but beginning to show signs of a downward slope. We want this to be a bell curve and not a “W.” As difficult as the sacrifices of the last two months have been, it would be devastating to have the graph turn upward. You are doing a great job, we may even hear of easing of some regulations later this week. We can do this, we can get to the finish line. Let’s continue to do our part:

• Continue with social distancing;

• Gather with immediate family only;

• When shopping or at locations wear social distancing is difficult wear a mask over your mouth and nose;

• Get fresh air by going for walks, runs or bike rides, but keep your distance;

• Enjoy the weather, sit outside and talk to a neighbor from a distance;

• No gathering in groups;

• Visit our downtown essential businesses

When you are downtown, you will notice that the benches have returned, just like the first flower of spring, this is a sign that we are moving towards better times. Please only use the benches by yourself or with a family member.

And as with any time out in the public wash your hands after coming in contact with any surface or object. If you wear gloves remember that they do very little if they are not removed properly or washed regularly. COVID-19 is not absorbed through the skin, the gloves are only effective if replaced before you touch your face.

One last item to touch on before I wrap up today. Thursday is Census Day of Action. Let’s combine supporting others with this day. Reach out to someone you count on and tell them you want them counted. See how they are doing in this crisis and remind them to go to, we need everyone counted.

 Don’t forget to check for updates on on a regular basis, and visit for mental health support.

Thank you for your time, take care of yourself, your loved ones and others through social distancing and personal protection measures.

Be Home, Be well.


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