MADISON, NJ - A new scam may be hitting the Madison area. A resident has received a letter and a cashier's check as part of a Secret Survey Assignment.

The assignment states the person will be paid $450 and asks the individual to purchase Nike Gift Cards in the amount equaling $2,500. The letter states that the check included, covers the cost of the assignment. The letter then asks the buyer to purchase the gift cards, scratch off the silver area on the back of the card, take a picture of the front and pack of the card and then send it to a number stated in the letter.

The resident did not fall for the scam and contacted police.

"The resident was proactive in contacting our agency and making us aware of this scam", said Madison Police Department Lieutenant John R. Miscia.  "We urge residents to not provide any personal information to suspected scammers nor cash any checks that they might receive in the mail as their own personal information could be compromised by doing so".