A Magical Day at Sycamore Park

The group practices the ball and cup trick. Credits: Bob Dumas
Hobby Quest's Ray Rodriguez teaches the kids to build a helicopter out of balsa wood. Credits: Bob Dumas
Six-year-old Shaun Rohm inspects his helicopter before he gets ready to fly it. Credits: Bob Dumas
Ray Rodriguez gives the kids some tips on flying their copters. Credits: Bob Dumas
The finished helicopters await their maiden flight. Credits: Bob Dumas
Evan Blake, 10, gets ready to fly. Credits: Bob Dumas
It's time to launch the helicopters! Credits: Bob Dumas
From left, Shaun Rohm, Evan Blake, Owen Sullivan and Evan Boyd pay rapt attention to the instructor as they learn a magic trick.
The class learns how to perform a card trick. Credits: Bob Dumas
Ray Rodriguez shows the group how to perform the famous ball-and-cup magic trick. Credits: Bob Dumas
Shaun Rohn, 6, and Owen Sullivan, 7, practice a card trick on each other. Credits: Bob Dumas
Owen Sullivan practices the ball-and-cup trick.
Nine-year-old Ian Zawrothny demonstrates a magic trick for Senior Recreation Leader Nina Kallmeyer. Credits: Bob Dumas
Ray Rodriguez helps Liam Nagel, 6, learn the coloring book trick. Credits: Bob Dumas
The kids practice their schtick and their magic tricks in the mirror. Credits: Bob Dumas
Ian Zawrothny is ready for his close-up. Credits: Bob Dumas

MAHOPAC, N.Y. - Mahopac kids had the chance to add a little more fun and magic to their holiday vacations Thursday, Dec. 28, when they attended an Aviation and Magic Workshop with Hobby Quest. The event, sponsored by the town’s Recreation and Parks Department, was held at Sycamore Park. The budding aviators and magicians had the opportunity to build balsa wood helicopters that really flew, as well as learn a slew of magic tricks that they could take home and perform and amaze their family and friends. 

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