Why does nothing stick to President Trump? Ever since he came down that escalator at Trump Tower, nothing the Democrats, the media (which, according to WikiLeaks, are one and the same) or the establishment talking heads have thrown at him has stuck. He never lost his core support to the point where he actually won the presidential election. None of it stuck.

There were items and remarks that would have caused other campaigns to crash and burn, but none of it mattered with Trump. Well, if you listen to the Democrats and the media, the Russians hacked the election. No proof has been offered, yet that’s their story and they are sticking with it. In fact, because they have yet to find proof, they tell you that is why they must continue to investigate. Interesting logic.

These people need this narrative. Anything else means they and their agenda were wrong and roundly defeated. They cannot have that. What they cannot admit to themselves, but what Trump supporters know, is that in 10 years, whatever documents WikiLeaks has dumped, have not been disputed. That is why all those on the other side wish to shoot the messenger to the point of ignoring the message.

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WikiLeaks has said over and over again that its information from the John Podesta emails did not come from the Russians. He fell for a phishing expedition. He was sent an email that stated his computer has been compromised and to please send IT his password so they can correct it. He fell for it. The RNC did not. Yes, they got the same email.

Phishing is when you get an email saying some account of yours has been hacked and you need to contact so and so to correct the matter. Once you open that link, you have given phishers a back door into your computer. That is why you are told over and over again not to open emails if you do not know the sender.

Anyway, my point is that it was not the Russians. My best guess is that it was a Sanders supporter who was angered at the rigging of the primary. Now that it has come out that Sanders was complicit in having minors vote in the Wisconsin primary, we now know the Sanders campaign was not as pure as the driven snow.  They, too, were capable of cheating.

So why has Trump survived all of these attacks? The simple answer is that people were fed up. Here is an example of a world gone politically correct crazy, and the hope is Trump brings back some sense of normalcy.

From a Fox News column (“Exclusive: Air Force says words like ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ could be offensive”): “In an email sent to airmen at Joint Base San Antonio, the Air Force fears certain words like boy, girl, colonial and blacklist might offend people. These airmen were advised to study a list of words and phrases on the list that ‘may be construed as offensive.’ They were then told, ‘Please be cognizant that such conduct is 100 percent zero tolerance in or outside of the work climate.’”

Yes, there were words that were offensive on the list, but the P.C. crowd in the bureaucracy could not let it stop there. From the story, here is a partial list of the other “offensive” words and phrases now not to be tolerated:

1. Boy; 2.Girl; 3. You People; 4. Colonial; 5. Blacklist; 6. Blackmail; 7. Blackball; 8. Sounds Greek to me; 9. Blondes have more fun; 10. Too many chiefs, not enough Indians

One would think that in these perilous times the Air Force would have better things to do. This is why you see Trump’s budget has deep cuts in various bureaucracies. We should not be wasting valuable tax dollars on this type of nonsense.

This what I say. What say you?