There is no formal Dear Dr. Linda this week. Instead, this came from a conversation I had with Tim Hannan, who works at the UPS Store in Mahopac. When I was last in the store, he told me how much he and his son like the quizzes that I sometimes put in my column. Therefore, I’m dedicating this quiz for President’s Week to Tim and his son.

There are 25 questions in the quiz and each is worth 4 points. Congratulations if you get a perfect score of 100 percent. Excellent job if you get an “A,” between 90 and 99 percent. Good job if you get a “B,” between 80 and 89 percent. Nice job if you get a “C,” between 70 and 79 percent. And even if you don’t, have fun. Remember, the point of any test is to determine if you know the material. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you care to learn more about the presidents, go online. It’s all there!

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How Much Do You Know About Our Past Presidents?

1. Which president said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”?

2. Which president was the military commander during the Revolutionary War?

3. Whose middle name is the single letter “S” without a period because the “S” doesn’t stand for anything?

4. Who was the only movie star to become president?

5. Which president was born in Hawaii?

6. For which president was the “teddy bear” named?

7. Which president is the only one to have been elected to two non-consecutive terms?

8. Which president wrote the final version of the Declaration of Independence?

9. Which of the first five presidents was the only one who didn’t own slaves?

10. Which president was the first born in the United States?

11. Which president served the shortest term, dying from pneumonia one month after taking office?

12. Who was the only president to be sworn in using a book other than the Bible?

13. Who was president when the stock market crashed in 1929?

14. Which president was a five-star general in the United States Army?

15. Who was president during World War 1?

16. Which president is the only one to have been elected to 4 terms?

17. Which president was called “LBJ”?

18. Which president never married?

19. Which president signed the Emancipation Proclamation?

20. Which president oversaw the country’s longest peacetime economic expansion?

21. Which president was a famous Union general during the Civil War?

22. Which president was the first from the south to be elected after the Civil War?

23. Who established the department of Homeland Security?

24. Which president was called “Old Rough and Ready”?

25. The next president of the United States of America, elected in November 2016, will be the 44th, 45th or 46th president?

Answers: 1. John F. Kennedy 2. George Washington 3. Harry S Truman 4. Ronald Reagan 5. Barack Obama 6. Theodore Roosevelt 7. Grover Cleveland (he was also the first president to be married while in the White House) 8. Thomas Jefferson 9. John Adams 10. Martin Van Buren 11. William Henry Harrison 12. Franklin Pierce 13. Herbert Hoover 14. Dwight D. Eisenhower 15. Woodrow Wilson 16. Franklin D. Roosevelt 17. Lyndon B. Johnson 18. James Buchanan 19. Abraham Lincoln 20. William J. (Bill) Clinton 21. Ulysses S. Grant (he was also the only president arrested for driving his horse and carriage too fast). 22. James E. (Jimmy) Carter 23. George W. Bush 24. Zachary Taylor 25. 45th