To the editor,

I am writing to support Sheriff Don Smith for re-election. As a retired law enforcement officer with over 25 years of experience I know firsthand what it takes to be an effective leader of a large department like the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department where experience matters. When I read that the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department Police Benevolent Association endorsed Sheriff Don Smith I knew who I was going to support.  The following is a quote from the Sheriff’s PBA endorsement letter of Sheriff Don Smith:

“You have worked tirelessly to ensure that Putnam County remains a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family.  You have led the local fight against the opioid epidemic, advocated for our most vulnerable populations, protected our families, secured our businesses, safeguarded our infrastructure and respected our hard-earned tax dollars.”

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In vision, in experience and in leadership, you are the lawman that Putnam County deserves.  Throughout a lifetime of public service, you have remained dedicated to our shared values, our community and our country. You have instilled in us the confidence needed to confront our toughest public safety concerns.”

The PBA endorsement of Don Smith speaks volumes to me.  Who knows both candidates better than those who have worked with both candidates for many years?

Putnam County being ranked the No. 1 safest county in New York State is not a fluke.  It is a result of great police work by all police departments in Putnam County coming together to achieve the goal of keeping us all safe.

The choice is clear; do you want a Sheriff in Don Smith, who has a terrific record of leadership and assuring that our families and county are safe, or a liberal Democrat in Robert Langley who is from the party of sanctuary towns/cities?  In Phillipstown (Langley’s hometown), the only town in Putnam County where the entire town board is made up of Democrats, they recently adopted a sanctuary town resolution declaring their town a safe haven for illegal immigrants?  Do we need a Democratic sheriff who is from the party and town that is pro-sanctuary town/city? What’s next? Will the Democrats be pushing a countywide sanctuary resolution?

Please join me in voting for Sheriff Don Smith for re-election on November 7, 2017.

Bob Buckley