A recent Rasmussen Poll finds that a full 71 percent of Democrats think Hillary Clinton should keep running even if she is indicted. That is up from 48 percent last summer.

I find this fascinating in light of Trump’s press conference last week, in which he lambasted the press and its coverage of him. This is fascinating in light that there is not one registered Republican in the White House press corps. It is these people who say that Trump is not acting presidential. They are invested in seeing a Democrat win the presidency. They are trying to get to define what is presidential. Who died and left them boss?

What Trump was trying to point out in last week’s press conference was the double standard. He says he raised $6 million for vets and dispersed the money. The press says “prove it. Why did it take so long? The only reason you finally gave it away was we (the media) made you.” Implying that if they did not shine the light, he would have kept it.

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His reply about the vetting process was not covered unless you watched the conference. Can you imagine the coverage if the money wound up with a bunch of scammers? Also not covered was the fact that all the monies collected went to charities for vets with no money taken off the top for overhead. Trump said this at the conference, but you did not read this anywhere. Yet, Clinton took hundreds of thousands of dollars from middle-east countries for charities and no one asks her to prove it went to charities. This, too, was not mentioned in the coverage.

The only thing the press can hang their hat on was that he called a certain reporter from ABC a “sleaze.” No context. You are supposed to think that this poor reporter was unfairly being bullied by Trump, who we all know is a bully. Fact is, when Juanita Broaddrick was making the rounds on so-called conservative news about her interactions with Bill Clinton and Hillary’s attempts to ruin her, it was this reporter who said her accusations had been thoroughly discredited. This was a blatant lie. It had never been discredited. That is, of course, unless you believe Clinton and their acolytes’ denials as being what constitutes “thoroughly discredited.” There is your context.

What Trump did was admonish the press to basically use safer practices, more wise practices in their reporting of the news. He was and is right. Not to worry, though, it will not happen. You see, the media’s starting point is Trump is not presidential, but Hillary is the epitome of presidential. Apparently even if indicted.

So what is presidential? If you want to go for the real definition of presidential, read the Federalist Papers. The Federalist Papers will go into great detail about what the founders thought was necessary in an executive leader: Morality, character, decency. John Adams said the Constitution was written for men of character. That if it ever fell into the hands of people without character or morality, that it was as worthless as the paper that it was on.

Just look at the qualifications that are spelled out in the Constitution. It is basically birth and age. I mean, you don’t have to pass a formal test. It was assumed by the founders that the voters would take care of things like that. They would constitute during the campaign season what would pass for a test. So, you would ask, if that is all there is, how has the Constitution survived? Think about it, there’s no penalty. The Constitution’s not the going call somebody and have you shot if you ignore it. Yet, for most of our 200 years, there has been a remarkable adherence. This has come from the character of the leaders that we’ve elected. It comes from the mechanisms enshrined in it to correct course should we make a mistake. This is defined by the rule of law and why it’s so important that nobody’s above it—not even the president.

We are now seeing a political party, namely the Democrats, to whom the Constitution’s become an obstacle. They stack the courts so that if the voters disagree with their agenda, they judge shop for a ruling overturning the will of the voters. It has become a party of statists and authoritarians.

In many ways, Trump is acting presidential. He’s strong. He doesn’t want anyone to run over him. He’s principled. He is defining the agenda. He is not letting the press write his narrative. He is not letting the press define his campaign.

Is being presidential being substantive and policy focused at all times? We are being told by those who think Hillary is presidential, even if indicted, that Trump is not acting presidential. Why? Again, easy. It is because he insults, he blames, he targets people. He calls people names. He calls his own party members names. He calls members of the press names. He is being real, and of course because it is not scripted, it cannot be presidential. There you have it! To be presidential is to be scripted. It is to be predictable. Most of all, to be presidential is to be boring.

Over the years, there have been books written by former White House staff and aides of presidents. In private, they’re just like you and me in what they think about other people and what they say about them. They vent. They dish the dirt. However, that’s the private side. Publicly, it is a president more like George W. Bush, who never responded to critics. He thought it lowered the prestige of the office. Obama changed that. He held grudges and made it known who he disliked. He has no problems with calling names, and the press not only ate it up, they echoed it.  However, let Trump do it and it’s not presidential.

So, In this current context, this election cycle, what is presidential? To those in the media who have a vested interest in seeing a Democrat president, what is meant by “Trump must act presidential” is that Trump must change. He must be more like Bush—a doormat. Trump must stop being who he is, what he is, is unacceptable to us. Problem is, he will never be acceptable to them. He won’t be acceptable to anyone but the voters. In their minds, he is acting presidential, and that is all that matters.

That is what I say. What say you?