Nothing like a bomb cyclone winter storm followed by days of bright sunshine while temperatures plunge into arctic cold to start the year off beautifully. 

The first day after the cyclone bomb I was out in the early morning watching to the east as dawn slid her rosy colored fingers upon the virgin snow. To the west, the near full-moon shone luminescent, still high in the lilac-gray sky a few hours yet before moonset. It was an enrapturing site, as I turned to look from side to side. The sun shone bright in a cloudless sky nearly all that day, her rays magnified innumerably by the pure white snow. 

Occasional funnels of snow powder rose high up in the air, tossed by the wind. And then, in her final feat for the day, the setting sun tinted the snow rose-gold, while the clouds were lit up in shades of pink and peach and gray before sinking behind the rolling North Salem hills.

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