When you want to know that it is time to turn off the “news,” here is a clue: It’s when you hear, “Trump is nuts by suggesting economic growth of 3 percent with his new budget proposal. That such a thing is not possible. It’s irresponsible to think that it is. Trump’s budget is going kill people with all these cuts.”

It starts with the false premise that, by cutting taxes, the government gets less revenue. The media and Democrats like to re-write history by saying that under Reagan’s budget cuts, the federal deficits ballooned upward. What they conveniently forget to mention is that, in fact, revenues to the government doubled, but the Congress spent even more than that. So, yes, while it is true the deficit went up, it is not because of less revenue, but increased spending.

For the last eight years, in spite of the enlightened leadership of President Obama, growth barely reached 2 percent. The next false premise is that because Obama could surpass that threshold, then it must be impossible for a dunce like Trump to do better. Fact is, Obama was the only president not to achieve 3 percent growth in any of his eight years as president. Fact is, his economic policies were an abject failure and it was not because of Bush 43. The scary thing is that even in the last election, 40 percent of voters thought the economic doldrums were because of Bush. It was like Obama was never president.

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The next false premise is that there are budget cuts. This budget is greater than Obama’s last budget. It is not because of greater spending on military. Yes, the military gets more money, but it is nowhere near making up the cuts under Obama.

No, this is how it works in government, both local, county, state and federal. All agencies are budgeted to increase by 8 percent. So, according to government think, if you cut that rate of growth to, say, 5 percent, you are cutting funds, even though that agency is getting more money. That is what you have in this budget. There are no cuts at the base line, just the rate of growth.  Yes, there are some exceptions: the EPA. We are told these cuts will lead to dirtier water and air. Actually, most of the EPA monies go to grant to state and local governments and nonprofits.  The cuts are to those grants. Most of those grants are just political paybacks to contributors and supporters.

NPR and the Endowments for the Arts and Planned Parenthood see actual cuts in base line. The logic is simple. How do you explain to people in America who are barely making ends meet that we are going to give $500 million of your tax dollars to an industry that generates billions. If NPR and the arts need money so desperately, then the obscenely rich like Johnny Depp could buy one less mansion and donate that money to the arts. Why should the lower-middle class support them?

As for Planned Parenthood, their main expenditure is abortions. The nation’s largest abortion provider performed 328,348 abortions last year, an increase of 4,349 abortions from 323,999 abortions in their 2014-2015 report. In the 2014-2015 report, the number of contraception services provided was at 2,945,059 and in 2015-2016 that number went down to 2,808,815. (“Surprise: Latest Planned Parenthood Annual Report Shows Increase in Abortions, Government Funding”: townhall.com/tipsheet/laurettabrown/2017/05/30/planned-parenthood-annual-report-n2333158).

President Trump said he would continue to fund them if they stopped doing abortions. They declined. So, yes, they did do mammograms and contraceptive services, but abortions cost more.

Here is the real joke: Obama’s budget growth projections were 5.5 to 6.5 percent every year, and we never got even one-third of that. Yet, here Trump has proposed 3 percent and they are having a cow at The New York Times and the Washington Post. Medicaid is still getting more money than last year, just the rate of growth has been chopped to 6 percent, instead of 9 percent. If there are any cuts to service it will be at state level, where states like New York cover virtually anything with no co-pay, unlike Medicare, which people actually contribute to. In fact, Medicare will approve certain procedures but does not pay anything for them. This budget keeps Trump’s promise not to touch Social Security or Medicare. He never said Medicaid. He said he would convert Medicaid to block grants to the states.

By eliminating the alternative minimum tax, plus the increase in the initial deduction, middle and upper-middle class will save more money, even without the state tax deduction. This is a perfectly sane budget that will lead to an increase in revenue. Do not let anyone tell you different.

This is what I say. What say you?