I basically knew what The Donald was going to say in his acceptance speech. Most all his events, including his acceptance speech, are on YouTube, uncut. You can find the links on my blog. So, what I endeavored to do was see how the media reported it.

It was amazing. Every media outlet—print, internet, broadcast, radio and television—used the same exact terms to describe Trump’s speech: dark, foreboding, scary. This was because the Democrat Party and Hillary’s campaign committee have refined “rapid response” to an art form. They were sending out memos to media outlets as The Donald was speaking. It did not matter what he said, they had their response ready.

But, Andy, that would require collusion between the media and the Clinton campaign committee and Democrat Party. Well, as the latest email dump from WikiLeaks has shown, this has been going on since March of last year.

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Back to the reporting, and more importantly, as I have pointed out in the past, the Democrats are great at projection. That is ascribing to your opponent that which you yourself are guilty of. The fact is, the Democrats own dark. They own scary.

The Democrat Convention was a case in point. What we had was speaker after speaker, painting picture after picture of doom, gloom, misery and suffering. We had people praising the sitting president for being remarkable in his successes while at the same time detailing everything wrong and horrible. The problem is, and this is where history does not start when you wake up, all these horrible things happen to be the same things Obama detailed as horribly wrong at both of his conventions in 2008 and 2012. Being that it is still the same message, is it any wonder why so many low-information voters still believe (50 percent plus in latest polling) everything is Bush 43’s fault?

Then we had to listen to speaker after speaker after speaker tell everybody how they have no hope and no chance unless some of the people in that room get elected to office. Here is what they were really saying: You’re lost, you’re hopeless, you’re aimless and you’ve got nothing unless we win elections. Here is where they own scary: These people are applauding it and eating it up.

Have you noticed that most Democrat voters are some of the most depressed people you’ll run into? They’re also some of the angriest. To them, the glass is always half-empty. To them, there are all these dark forces, mainly Republicans and conservatives, wreaking havoc on the United States. Of course, you can now add Donald Trump.

Think about this: Trump has been a prominent figure in the media capital of the world for over 30 years.  Yet, it is only now that he is a racist, sexist and homophobe. Not one story in 30 years ever attributed these traits to Trump, except now.

At the convention, you would believe that the Democrats are the only people in this country who are being targeted. By who, you may ask? They are being targeted by Wall Street, Big Pharmaceutical and, of course, Big Oil. They know who you are, whom you vote for and they are coming after you at the Republicans’ bidding. Even though they are huge contributors to the Democrats and Hillary in particular, they are “in the pockets” of Republicans. Here again is where they own scary: these people at the convention are applauding it and eating it up.

In these last seven-and-a-half years, they have gotten everything they thought would lead them to their utopia. By their own admission, at their own convention, they’re no closer than ever. What you have been seeing these last seven-and-a-half years is the transformation that Obama promised. A redefining of the purpose of the Declaration of Independence. It is being transformed to a “Declaration of Interdependence.” To Democrats, nobody can do it on their own.

This was their theme: You can’t do anything on your own; we can only do everything together. Most importantly, you cannot do it without government. Unless you elect Democrats, you are screwed. Your life is hopeless. Here is what is really scary: come November, there is a good chance this can win. If it does, we are screwed.

This is what I say. What say you?