No matter what Trump does, every day is going to the same. Every day for the next 120 days, when you open the paper, turn on your favorite cable news network, see the headlines on your computer, especially if your source is Yahoo! News, you will see open season on Trump. Why?  The stakes are too high, the stakes are too great.

The Democrats and the media, though in this case I repeat myself, cannot drive down Hillary’s negatives. They are too ingrained. She has earned every negative thing said about her. So, what are they to do? They must drive up Trump’s negatives to the point where you will say, “Well, maybe, the crook is not so bad after all.”

They are, by all means, trying to make you scared to death of Trump. If you happen to be in the “never Hillary” crowd, they want to discourage you so much you will stay home, like you did in 2012. The Democrats, the media and the Washington establishment are all-in for Hillary. Trump is a very existential threat to their very way of life and continued hold on power.

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Yet, the Democrats and the media are still bamboozled because things that usually take out nominees have not taken him out. So now, the media’s accelerating lies and double standards at blinding speed. The major polling organizations have changed their internal dynamics to show Hillary further up in the polls than she really is. Make no mistake, I think she is up in the polls, but within the margin of error; not by 7-10 points. This is why the Democrats and the media are still bamboozled, for even after the glowing coverage of the Democrat convention, and the monies Hillary’s campaign has spent on advertising, Trump is within the margin of error.

The Democrats and the media are showing polls without Green or Libertarian Party candidates included. However, in many if not most states, they will be on the ballot. They are trying to tell you third party candidates do not make a difference. The last third party candidate to get any electoral votes was George Wallace in 1968, when he garnered 26. Ross Perot, Ralph Nader, Pat Buchanan—nothing, nada, zilch. Yet, history has shown they had a profound effect on the elections of 1992 and 2000. This year, the third parties matter. Already they are polling at over 5 percent.

If, for the sake of argument, Hillary was really up by 7-10 percent, they would be dancing in the streets, not doing what they are now doing, which is accelerating their lies and double standards. Here is an example: the first evening of the Republican convention, Patricia Smith spoke lovingly about her son, Sean, who was one of four Americans killed in the Islamic terror attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. She then pointed out that Hillary Clinton was then secretary of state and therefore directly responsible for the security in Benghazi before and during the attack. Mrs. Smith accused Mrs. Clinton of lying to her face as her son was just feet away in a flag-draped casket. Mrs. Smith said Hillary looked her squarely in the eye and said a video was responsible. 

In fact, over the course of two weeks, Clinton continued to tell the American public that it was this unseen video (actually it was seen by 122 people worldwide) that led to the attack. Of course, we have since found out that in an email to her daughter shortly after the attack, Hillary Clinton blamed it on terrorism. In fact, they perp-walked the maker of that video and jailed him on campaign finance parole violations, which for anyone else convicted of the same, only amounted to a fine. He was a political prisoner in an effort to help Obama win re-election. You see, to the low-information voter, the timing was purposeful so they would think he was jailed for the video.

When Hilllary was questioned on this by Chris Wallace, she insinuated that the “grieving” mother’s memory must have been faulty, all but calling her a liar. Mrs. Smith said her remarks in primetime, but given the scant media attention, you would never know it. Hillary’s response on FOX News was during a major Sunday News program. Again, given the scant media attention you would never know it.

Compare this to the non-stop coverage and media outrage over Donald Trump’s rebuttal to Khizr Khan, the “Gold Star Father.” This is the very definition of double-standard. Over the course of the media damnation of Trump, they always fail, like the “Gold Star Father,” to mention that it was Hillary who voted for the war that cost the life of their son. They fail to mention that there have three previous presidential elections since that young hero died, and never once has Mr. Khan said a thing.

What you must understand, that until Election Day, all coverage of Trump must be taken with a grain of salt. Remember, all those Republicans, elected and talking heads who are renouncing Trump, saying they will not vote for him have been damning Trump from day one. They were never going to support him. Again, the media, when reporting on their actions, forget to mention that fact.

The fact is: Washington establishment is in full destroy mode. The reason that they are doing this is pure panic. They cannot and still do not understand Trump’s movement and who they are. They include some Bernie Sanders supporters and some Libertarians. However, the most important voter in this movement is the previously disengaged voter. They are truly a nonpartisan voter. They don’t really follow politics. Yet, for some reason, they come to the polls in droves, and are ardent supporters of Trump, and that changes everything. This is why the Washington establishment is scared and in full destroy mode.

The only way for Hillary to win is you let the media discourage you, frighten you, lie to you and get you to stay home. Keep in mind, Democrats never go after anyone who is not a threat. This election is closer than you are being told. Do not let them beat you.

This is what I say. What say you?