This week in tolerant liberalism, we have harmless activities being banned, politicians seeking endorsements from demagogues, and legal action being threatened against dissenting opinions:

• In last week’s Yorktown News, it was reported that Yorktown wishes to ban smoking in public parks. This is based on the false premise that second-hand smoke is as dangerous as first-hand smoke.

Two years ago, I wrote about newly released studies by the American Cancer Institute dealing with second hand smoke. These studies showed the fallacy of laws banning smoking in outside areas. Like those of the Church of Man-Made Global Warming, those of the Church of Anti-Smoking, when new evidence is submitted questioning their orthodoxy, ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist.

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So now in Yorktown, our new town clerk, who is the chair of the Parks and Recreation Commission and (what else?) a Democrat, wishes to ban smoking in Yorktown parks. I have to ask, why is it when a new Democrat comes into office, the first thing they have to do is find something to ban? Personally, I think she has too much time on her hands.

Those who wish to ban smoking outside do so only because they don’t like the way it looks. Well, I don’t like looking at ugly people in parks. Let’s ban the ugly while we’re at it.

• A little research is good for the soul. For instance: The KKK has not been an organization of any significance since the mid-’60s, except during Republican primaries, when the media seeks it out. David Duke hasn’t been a member since 1980. His endorsement was not sought by any candidate. His endorsement was sought by members of the media, who wish to embarrass Republican candidates and/or the party, even though David Duke himself left the Republican Party for the Reform Party. This begs the question: Why should any candidate have to continually disavow an endorsement they have not sought?

• However, you have a group known as Black Lives Matter. Members of this group advocated killing cops. Members of the group support Hillary Clinton. Yet, she is never asked to disavow this group. Let me say up front: I do not believe for one minute that Hillary nor her campaign support in any way the killing of cops.

• As history does not start when you wake up in the morning, here is a little something you might have forgotten about Al Sharpton. No, I am not going into the whole Tawana Brawley thing again. Instead, do you remember that in December 1995, Sharpton led anti-Semitic protests against a Jewish-owned clothing store in Harlem, Freddy’s Fashion Mart, which ended with a protestor bursting into the store and setting a blaze that killed seven employees? I do.

Unlike David Duke, Al Sharpton isn’t someone no one hears from except during elections. Nor is he someone Hillary and Bernie have vaguely heard of. Unlike David Duke, whose endorsement is not sought after, both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have asked for Sharpton’s endorsement. With his history of race baiting, why are Hillary and Bernie never asked to disavow him?

David Duke has never spoken at Republican National Conventions. Sharpton has and was given a prominent speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention. This happened after, not before, his demagoguery outside Freddy’s Fashion Mart.

Disavow? Hell they welcome him with open arms. Let us not forget his non-payment of taxes. We are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars, not hundreds of dollars.

• Being ahead of the curve can be lonely, for more times than not you are thought of as a kook; a conspiracy theory nut. It does not help that for many, I am just a cab driver, who for some God unknown reason gets paid to write opinion. Yet, readers of this column are smarter because I am ahead of the curve. I do not remember how long ago it was, maybe two years ago, that I wrote there are people of the Church of Man-Made Global Warming, mainly Democrats, who wish to criminalize dissenting thought on this topic.

Well, last Wednesday, the cat was let out of the bag. Attorney General Loretta Lynch testified last Wednesday that the Justice Department has “discussed” taking civil legal action against the fossil fuel industry for “denying” the “threat of carbon emissions” when it comes to climate change. Thank God she removed herself from consideration to be a nominee to the Supreme Court.

In trying to equate those who question man-made global warming with tobacco companies, who, unlike the climate questioners, there is evidence that smoking does cause cancer, where in the case of climate, it is based on computer models not actual fact. From a story published on The Blaze: “Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said that he believes there are similarities between the tobacco industry denying scientific studies showing the dangers of using tobacco and companies within the fossil fuel industry denying studies allegedly showing the threat of carbon emissions. He went on to point out that under President Bill Clinton, the Justice Department brought and won a civil case against the tobacco industry, while the Obama administration has ‘done nothing’ so far with regard to the fossil fuel industry.”

Again, this is why Democrats must be defeated. They wish to criminalize honest disagreement.

This is what I say. What say you?