This marks my 200th opinion column (including both publishers). This would not have been possible without your support and the support of those that employ me. I am humbled by yours and their faith in me. Thank you and I hope I have another 200 in me. Now, for a few thoughts on the upcoming state and federal elections:

New York State Senate Race

Andrew Falk has decided to seek the Democrat nomination for the state Senate. This is the same Andrew Falk who lost twice in his bid to unseat Dr. Steve Katz in the Assembly. Like our present state senator, Terrence Murphy, who took money from former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (before he was indicted), Falk took money from former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (before he was indicted). However, unlike Murphy, who called on Skelos to step down from his leadership position when he was indicted, proving he would not be an enabler, Falk stayed quiet when Silver was indicted, proving he would have been an enabler. Mind you, we are only talking about stepping down from leadership; not giving up their seat. After all, we do have a presumption of innocence. Question: Do we really need another enabler in the state legislature?

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Like Justin Wagner, who challenged Murphy two years ago, Falk, too, believes a woman has a right to an abortion up to the ninth month; the 10th plank on the Woman’s Equality Act. Medical advances have shown a baby can live outside the womb after the seventh month. I do not have to tell you what aborting a baby after that would be called, do I?  There is a scientific reason why it is only the first trimester in which abortion is allowed, according to Roe vs. Wade. After that it is a life, and life is the first unalienable right given us in the Declaration of Independence.

We do know that the Assembly has proposed not to let the so-called Millionaires Tax expire in 2017. I say “so-called” because it actually starts at a lower amount. Then, they propose to increase the tax bite on those making more than one million, then five million, then above that. These are the people who create and invest in jobs. These are the people who spend money. These are the people who are already leaving the state in droves to more friendly business climates that do not punish success. Gov. Cuomo has said this is a non-starter. Senate Leader Flanagan has said this is a non-starter. Question: Does Falk believe this is a non-starter? Does he really think you can make poor people rich by making rich people poor?

New Hampshire and Beyond

As I wrote last June, the game is rigged by the establishment. The establishment, after pouring tons of money to elect certain candidates they can control, are not really going to let the people decide who will carry their banner. To do this, they created what are called “super delegates.” These are elected officials and party chairpersons who are not bound by the choices of the voters. 

Basically, they go where the party tells them. In 2008, on the Democrat side, they sided with Hillary until she lost the South Carolina primary, then they switched to Obama. The rest is history.  The Republicans do not announce the preference of their super delegates until the convention.

So Sanders got a landslide; however, this is not a winner-takes-all primary. They are given out proportionally. So Sanders wins 13 out of 23. Yet, Hillary gets 15 because there are eight super delegates and they announced for Hillary. So, in the world of Democrat politics, Sanders wins going away, but Hillary gets more delegates. I told you the game is rigged. This proves it.

In an interview Thursday, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the chair of the Democratic National Committee, to explain what superdelegates are. She answered: “Unpledged delegates exist, really, to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists.” She admits it’s rigged!

There may be something Sanders supporters can do about it though. There is a story in the Daily Caller (“Rebellion: Sanders Supporters Apply Pressure On Superdelegates To Not ‘Snatch Away Victory”), where you can sign a petition to prevent the will of the people from being ignored by the powers that be. If enough of you sign it, maybe they will take heed.

In New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders won that Democratic primary going away by 22 percent. This is beyond the “neighboring son” spin. He took from Hillary groups that supported her going away in 2008. He took from her groups that supported Bill in ‘92 and ‘96. He won all women by 11 percent and women under 29 by 84 percent. He took white working men by 30 percent. He took all minorities by 60 percent. Do not believe the spin that in South Carolina, even though going in she has a commanding lead in the minority community--it will hold. So far, Sanders has proven the prevailing wisdom wrong. That has to count for something.

You must remember the press is invested in her. Their story line is the firewall in the south. The minorities will carry her to victory. They are not going to vote for the old white guy. Noooo, they are going to vote for the old white woman. Right? What the establishment is missing is that this new round of primary voters are wed to ideology, not category or demographics.

Also this new round of voters are looking for someone real; 73 percent of New Hampshire voters said that honesty matters. Obama remade the party extreme left. Sanders reflects that. Hillary is perceived as faking it. Do not be surprised if Sanders supporters breach the firewall. Question: can the party powers that be save her?

This is what I say. What say you?