So, who are the real “sons of the south”? The secessionist movement that led to the Civil War was based on the principal of nullification. That is the belief that states had the right to pick and choose which federal laws they wish to obey. It was the Democratic Party of that time that promoted this. That is history.

Now, the Democratic Party of our time is using the same principle of nullification to choose which immigration laws they will or will not enforce. We call them now either “sanctuary” cities, counties or states. It is taking place only in places run by Democrats.

Trump is being thwarted by judges appointed by Democrats, and in the case of the last ruling by the San Francisco judge, one who bundled $200,000 for Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

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When the Civil War settled the principle of nullification, the Democrats of that time created an army to stop the implementation of the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments.  They were also used to stop reconstruction. We know that army as the KKK. They wore white hoods. They were the army of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party was the party of slavery and Jim Crow (separate but equal). They were the party that stood up against the civil rights movement. That, too, is history.

Now, this Democratic Party has a new army. I say it is this Democratic Party by knowing the people who fund them are the same people who fund this new army. This new army wears black hoods. Their objective is to nullify the First Amendment. Particularly the part that deals with speech.

You saw these people starting violence at Trump rallies. You see them now across college campuses rioting and burning taxpayer-paid property in their so far successful efforts to prevent conservative speakers from entering their campuses. So far, the total arrests from these riots and burnings is one. So what you are seeing is complicity from the elected officials, collage boards and law enforcement. They are allowing mob rule to determine what kind of speech is protected by the First Amendment.

Howard Dean, former head of the DNC, presidential candidate and governor of Vermont, said the First Amendment does not protect hate speech. Problem is, going all the way back to the flag burners of the ’60s, to the Skokie march of the ’70s, the Supreme Court has ruled time and time again that it is just that speech we disagree with that IS protected by the First Amendment.

Recently at the University of Berkeley, the home of the free speech movement, as of this writing, writer and conservative columnist Ann Coulter is being prevented by this same army of black-hooded thugs from speaking on their campus. She is being told by the head of the college, Janet Napolitano, that they cannot ensure her safety. They have offered her an alternative date when no one will be on campus. Talking about giving snowballs away in winter.

She, too, is allowing mob rule and it is for political purposes. How do I know? Easy. Janet Napolitano was President Obama’s head of Homeland Security.

We are now to believe the same person who was in charge of protecting America cannot protect one citizen? This tells you it is politics. This is this Democratic Party’s version of nullification.

This is what I say. What say you?