Don't Get Swept up by the Insanity

There is a madness out there where you have a political party trying to purge from the minds of people the history of this country. They are trying to transpose the morality of now to the people who lived a century or more ago.

Then, these zealots say, “How dare they behave that way! All monuments must go!” Utter insanity. 

Soon, you will see all posters and statues of Col. Sanders be removed from all KFCs above the Mason/Dixon line. People with the last names of Jackson, Davis or Lee will have to change them. I am not joking. Last week, ESPN pulled a broadcaster from a college football game in Virginia because his name was Robert Lee. The person in question is of Asian descent. Soon, all videos of “The Jolson Story” will have edited out the Irving Berlin song, “Waiting for the Robert E. Lee.”

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In a debate last week, the mayor of New York City said his commission on statues of hate is seriously considering removing the statue of Christopher Columbus from Columbus Circle. Of course, once they do that, they will have to change the name of Columbus Circle. This is why there is a First Amendment against government censorship. Once it starts, where does it end?

Our history is what it is. Even God cannot change the past. The Nazis burned books. Trump is called a Nazi supporter. Yet, who is it trying to erase history? Who is it wearing dark hoods (instead of white hoods of the past)? What party do these thugs side with? What party did those with the white hoods of the past side with? Maybe that is why they want the past erased.

They do not want you to know they are the party of secessionists. Do not believe me? What do you call Calexit? They do not want you to know there are the party of nullification. Do not believe me? What do you call the sanctuary city laws? Too much in the past? How about closer to now. Which party fought tooth and nail against the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act of the 1960’? The same party that fought against the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments of the 1860s. Which party selected a former KKK Kleagle as Senate majority leader in the 1980s? How many highways and buildings are named after him in West Virginia? Are they now to come down and be changed?

Since Charlottesville, according to a Marist poll that was commissioned by NPR and PBS, neither bastions of conservatism, Trump’s overall disapproval rate is 51 percent, however he has not lost much support at all among Republicans. His disapproval numbers are steady. Pretty much in line with his numbers leading up to the election. His approval rating rate among Republicans was 62 percent. Also, 62 percent of Americans favor leaving the Confederate statues standing. Yet if you listen to the media, you would think nobody wants them standing. Further reading shows 86 percent of Republicans favor leaving the statues standing. Also, 61 percent of independents say leave the statues alone. The only group that favors getting rid of the statues is Democrats. The irony is that it is statues of Democrats they want taken down.

In spite of what you are being told, the Democrats and media are not in the main stream. In fact, it is only 57 percent of liberals who want the statues taken down. If you listen to the media, you would have thought it closer to 80 percent or even 90 percent.

Trump is said to be tone deaf and despicable and unfit for office because, he said, both sides do it. Yet, according to this poll, the clear majority of all Americans, aside from very liberal, want the statues left alone. According to the poll, the area of the country that is hog wild on getting rid of the statues is the Northeast. That is the area of the country where the percentage of people is the highest getting rid of the statues. Still, 53 percent in the Northeast say leave the statues alone. So, even in the Northeast, they are not a majority. Those who are anti-statues are in the minority.

So, if this poll is indicative of what’s really going on, then what is the game the other side is playing?  I think after some research, people like George Soros and any other number of international financiers whole objective it is to take the United States down and out as a superpower, to literally erase the United States as a powerful or super powerful nation.

So, what is one to do? Well, to start, in order to defend America, you have to know our history. You have to understand the purpose of the United States of America. You have to know the United States’ place in history. This is why erasing and distorting our history is crucial for the other side to succeed.

The reality is if they can convince enough Americans that America, as founded, is unjust and is inherently racist and immoral and illegitimate, then it will be all that much easier to erase America. That is their objective, and we are in the midst of it. The objective is to create, in as many American minds as possible, the impression that America, as founded, is not worth defending.

This is what I say. What say you?

The opinions expressed herein are the writer's alone, and do not reflect the opinions of or anyone who works for is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by the writer.

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