While New York is On-Pause, we understand that teeth don’t always get the memo! 😢 🦷
That is why Valley Pediatric Dentistry is offering Virtual Exams with Dr. Ben. 🧑🏼‍💻 Dental emergencies, tooth pain & discomfort shouldn’t wait to be seen. Dental pain is not fun for little ones (even us grown-ups!) and it’s important to address it.
🗓 You can schedule a virtual exam with Dr. Ben here. https://calendly.com/valleypediatricdentistry

☎️ Please do not hesitate to call (914) 245-7100 or e-mail us (office@valleypediatricdentistry.com) at any time if your child is experiencing any pain or discomfort. Even if it’s the simplest question. We’re not going anywhere! We are closely monitoring our messages in order to provide the best service possible, especially during this very uncertain time. As always, we’re only 1 message away. Be safe and stay healthy, friends!