Kingpins are falling all over the country. Every day, and another major industry is up in lights with its swamp-like belly now exposed. Whether it’s the NFL, which has alienated much of the passionate fan base that pays its bills, by allowing unpopular protests during game time. Or like Hollywood, it’s an industry full of unprosecuted serial abusers that “everyone knew about.” Or the financial industry, which is just now getting some time in the light, with some notorious hedge-fund managers exposed as truly creepy sexual predators. 

In all these industries, I expect there will be more coming to light very soon. The thing to watch is how these changes will affect our society moving forward.  

Case in point, a personal example: On a recent evening, when I was feeling sick, I turned the television to Amazon Prime. Because I was ill, I was looking for a soft show, nothing challenging. So I breezed through several previews. Nothing much grabbed my attention. And then, half-heartedly, I chose a film starring Matt Damon. The film started. Then, all of a sudden, in big, bold letters, the word MIRAMAX flashed on the screen.  

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Miramax, to remind readers, is the name of the Hollywood production company owned by Harvey and Bob Weinstein. Once a successful company, it now will have only negative associations for much of the audience.

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