To some people, juggling a bunch of things at once comes natural. Mahopac senior Ryan Dugan is certainly one of those people as he prepares to graduate and move onto Western Connecticut State University this fall.

“It was a great fit for me with the business program and everything,” Dugan said. “Being close to home is great. In case anything happens, I’m right there. Being able to play two sports is awesome. I thought I’d have to make up my mind between the two, but having the luxury to play both is awesome. It was the best fit for me.”

A three-sport athlete in high school, Dugan is used to earning solid grades and excelling on the field at once.

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“I want to compete and win in college, but school is the priority,” said Dugan, who plans to study finance. “Playing is a bonus. I’m sure in college it will be tougher (to play sports while going to school). But I think I’ll be able to handle it.”

He will play quarterback for the Colonials this August and is set to continue playing attack for the college’s lacrosse team next spring at the Division 3 level in the Little East Conference. 

Always keeping the memory of his many athletic seasons with the Indians in his back pocket, Dugan’s senior year was the most memorable. 

“All of my senior seasons were really special,” Dugan said. “I’ve been playing with those same kids that I’ve been growing up with and we finally made it through. It’s been amazing and I appreciate being able to play with them. I know that in college, I’m going to see a completely different group of guys. It’s nice to play with the same guys your whole life. The relationships with my teammates and all my coaches are what I will take away from it the most. It’s been the best.” 

Training camp for football is set to kick off in early August as that’s when Dugan will arrive. As soon as football season ends, he will shift over to training for lacrosse season and be right back in the gym.

“I’m not too nervous,” Dugan said. “I’m pretty excited to get in there. My teachers and coaches did a great job preparing me. In high school, I took a good amount of college courses and Coach (Dominick) DeMatteo’s weekly schedule is almost identical to what a college team’s would be like.”