I’ve decided to devote a lot of time this summer to exploring health and wellness. Being a person who has no preoccupation with age but still has a young child, this is probably not a bad idea. However, full disclosure: we have launched a new healthy lifestyle magazine here at Halston Media, so my pursuit isn’t always just for me. No complaints, though, because I am just embarking on this journey and already it’s been very cool. My calendar is already full of inspiring restorative experiences, classes, and treatments. I marvel at the opportunities that I have. So, this week I’ve picked a few of my favorite healthy diversions so far. I hope you can check them out and also pick up a copy of Westchester Wellness. Give us your feedback, tell us about your favorite healthy spots and I will gladly check them out.

Rise Above Floatation
111 East Main St., Mount Kisco, riseabovefloatation.com
Rise Above Floatation was recommended to me. When I looked into floating with my team I was shown the episode where “The Simpsons” went floating and I was intrigued and a little hesitant. They seemed to be having an “interesting” experience, not necessarily a healthy one. So, rather than take the Simpsons’ word for it, I went to check it out myself. It is an amazing oasis where each float session is designed to provide therapeutic relaxation through sensory deprivation and the reduction of stimulus from our daily environment. There are several floatation rooms for each floater’s unique comfort. Each room is private, clean and the entire 60-minute float is explained in detail prior to each session. Floating, whether you do it regularly (there are memberships) or once, can provide many levels of relaxation, stress-reduction, and even pain relief. The entire space at Rise Above Floatation is very relaxing and restorative and the staff has infinite patience for questions, fears and encouragement.

Why I love it
Because while “The Simpsons” had quite the “experience” floating, and were locked into their float tanks, at Rise Above Floatation there is a completely open float room (private, of course), and extra wide room to stretch out inside a “cabin” with glass doors and the smallest float tank in a traditional “pod.” There is no better way to completely relax, clear your thoughts and emerge with acute focus. Swimsuit optional, just so you know.

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Saltana Cave
590 Danbury Road, Ridgefield, Conn., saltanacave.com
Saltana Cave is another alternative and natural healing experience that has to be experienced to be understood. Himalayan salt rocks are very popular and many have them in their homes and offices for the purifying effect they have on the air and respiratory system. At Saltana Cave your session is spent on a zero gravity lounge chair in a “cave” created from tons of Himalayan salt rocks. The lighting and iridescent crusty pink salt crystals have a mesmerizing effect on the eyes immediately. A peaceful 45-minute session at the “spa” is immediately calming and restorative. The many ailments that this therapy relieves include skin disorders, sleep apnea, arthritis and everyday stress. Everyone I was with reported feeling energized and refreshed after just one visit.

Why I love it
Because it was not only a restorative experience but a visual and sensory one as well. You can taste the salt and feel it on your skin—in a totally good way—but like nothing else. The lighting is so serene and the mood relaxing. I’ve tried to recreate this feeling with my one Himalayan salt lamp at home; not so effective. So, I’ll be back to the Saltana Cave soon!

Sarah’s House of Health
900 South Lake Blvd., Mahopac, sarahshouseofhealth.com
Sarah’s House of Health is truly a “house” of health and wellness practices under one roof. The owner, Sarah, is a physical therapist, certified health coach, personal trainer and weight management specialist.  However, she has brought together a group of talented healthy living practitioners to compliment her expertise making this a one-stop shop for wellness, empowerment, fitness and inspiration. The specialties include skin care, massage, Reiki, life coaching, intuitive medium, psychometry, aromatherapy, yoga classes and more. With a beautiful view of the lake and a “house” full of talented professionals, a visit to Sarah’s will put you on the path to living your best healthiest life.

Why I love it
Because Sarah and her team make everything you want to be seem not just possible but they provide the roadmap to make it happen. It is a warm, friendly and inviting space and there are no mirrors in the yoga studio.