My father use to take me and my brother bass fishing at Lake Osceola in Jefferson Valley when we were kid. Beside 10 acres of property where Ceola Manor is, my family also owned the rights to 2,000 square feet of the lake. Even from the dock we use to swim off of, the fishing was great. There were bass, trout, perch, eels and sunfish—all you could catch, all you could eat—and you did not even need a license.

Anyway, back to the bass. To fish for bass, the best way was to use lures. We used nice, shiny objects because the bass loved to follow them. I am reminded of bass fishing every time I see President Trump and Press Secretary Sean Spicer interact with the media. Since literally hours after Trump was sworn in, he has been signing executive orders, keeping promises he made on the campaign trail. They have been mentioned, but not covered nearly as much as the shiny object he dangles in front of the media. In this case, voter fraud and inauguration turnout.  Like the bass, the press dutifully follows the shiny object all the while Trump keeps doing the people’s business.

You see, the media still thinks it can dictate the narrative. Just like on the campaign trail, it is Trump doing the dictating. He knows what the people think is important, all the while the media keeps making themselves irrelevant by following the shiny object. They really think the people give a rat’s patootie how many people showed up and they know voter fraud exists. They do not! They care that he is keeping his promises.

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By following the shiny object, they ignore what is really going on around them. For instance, he has put a hold on every new and pending regulation from the EPA. Not only that, he has shut down their Twitter accounts and press releases until members of his staff look them over. Why? Simple, this bureaucracy over the last eight years has been staffed with career bureaucrats with their own agendas, designed to operate like a shadow government until the Democrats are back in power. This is Trump’s effort to put a stop to that for the time being until his people are in place.

So, according to “Several scientists are reportedly planning a march on Washington and have taken to social media to garner support for the movement. A Twitter account that started on Monday has periodically sent out updates and requests for people to get involved.”

It’s called @ScienceMarchOnDC. “They came up with the idea from a story in the Washington Post where it reported, scientists discussed a way to respond to the Trump administration’s skepticism of climate change and other science-focused policy issues.”

This march, if it does occur, will prove what I have been saying for years. They are going to be admitting that science is now political. Science, real science, is not political; however, the left has politicized everything it touches, and now they will be admitting to the world that climate change is a political issue front and nothing to do with science.

Another executive order starts the process of punishing sanctuary cities and states. We are being told by our governor, the New York City mayor and our attorney general that they are going to fight and even sue the government if it stops the flow of federal monies on this issue. They say they are standing up for our values. Well, these sanctuary cities and states believe our values include deciding what laws to obey. You try that and see what happens.

The reality is that the first of these orders deal with convicted violent felons that are here illegally. My values certainly do not include protecting them from being sent back to their country of origin. Yet, this is who our governor, mayor and attorney general wish to protect in our name.

A few years back, Arizona passed a law that mirrored word-for-word federal laws regarding enforcement against illegal immigration. The Obama Justice Department took them all the way to the Supreme Court, saying only the executive branch can decide which immigration laws to enforce or not. The Supreme Court agreed, with Justice Kennedy the deciding vote. Immigration law enforcement now belongs entirely to the executive branch. Liberals and Democrats cheered because they knew Obama had no intention of enforcing existing immigration law.

However, now that Trump is president, he has vowed he will. New York has no power to stop him. If they try, they will be in violation of law. The same laws they cheered when they knew they would not be enforced. New York claims state’s rights. The Democrats claim state’s rights. The last time on a major issue the Democrats were so adamant about state’s rights was over the issue of secession over slavery. Amazing. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

You are not going to know this as long as the press continues to follow the shiny object.

This is what I say. What say you?