Fulmar Road Principal Gary Chadwick really wants his students to read. So much so that he told them if they all participated in the One School, One Book challenge, he would spend a night on the school roof.

The One School, One Book program is sponsored by Read to Them, a nonprofit organization promoting family literacy. Last year when Fulmar Road participated in the event, students were asked to read the book “Charlotte’s Web,” and Chadwick issued a challenge that if all read the book, he would kiss a pig. They did—and he did. The event culminated with a petting zoo at the school and Chadwick kissing one of the pigs (as one of the characters in “Charlotte’s Web” is a pig).

“I had received a few suggestions as follow-ups to last year’s challenge,” said Chadwick. “The members of our Site-Based Team thought this just might get our students motivated to read this book. The students are so excited and looking forward to me spending the night on the roof!”

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Fulmar Road building coordinator Allyson Fallman, who is coordinating the book-reading event, said students and staff alike at Fulmar are reading the book “Clementine” by Sara Pennypacker. Fallman said the book was chosen because it is about the ups and downs during a week in the life of a student.

“Children can relate—they have their ups and downs, too, just as adults do,” Fallman said.

The event kicked off last week with a school assembly and screening of a video in which teachers interviewed students about the book and Chadwick issued his challenge.
“We really care about literacy in this school,” Fallman said.

[Article courtesy of Karen Thornton/Mahopac School District]