Gov. Cuomo is a Fraud

I still cannot fathom the popularity of Andrew Cuomo, our governor. Other than the fact that he has a “D” after his name on a ballot, what has he done to ease the economic pain in New York?

We have, under his leadership, lost more population than we have gained. That which we lost, people making $50,000 a year or more in the private sector, are being replaced by people making less than $20,000 a year.

Public sector jobs of high income are not the stuff good economies are made of for they require tax dollars to support them. This is not an argument of whether they are overpaid, or necessary, it is just an economic fact that a taxpayer-funded job does not add to economic growth. No, it is in the private sector where real growth occurs. Yet, it is the private sector that this governor and the Democratic Party are at war against.

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After all, if one is self-sufficient, then one does not need government to survive. The Democratic Party and this governor cannot have that. Their power derives from the dependent. Independence to the Democrats is like the cross to Dracula. So under the guise of “it’s for the kids,” or “it is to mitigate climate change” or, the greatest of all catch-alls, “in the name of fairness,” this governor enacts policies that drive those seeking an independent life to other more-friendly states. This is a fact and inarguable.  Unless you wish to argue that keeping the fruits of your labor for the betterment of you and your family is somehow selfish and immoral.

He touts his new “free” college tuition with the more than fair catch that you must stay in this state for the amount of years you are the beneficiary of this policy. If not, you must pay it back. This will prevent those who are residents of other states from utilizing this and going back to their states. However, the colleges will feel if the government is footing the bill, they will jack up the bill knowing that our elected officials will pay it “for the kids.”

You want to know the new “sticking point”? It is not the money. No, it is from the liberals who are so cheap they do not want to pay for anything. They want to know who is going to pay for room and board and supplies. The tuition is not enough! Problem is, liberalism is always hungry and always needs feeding.

You think I am exaggerating that liberals are cheap? Look at the internet. They do not want to pay for the connections or the necessary apps. Even this college tuition; studies show only 30 percent of people go to college. It may be more in New York, but certainly not close to 50 percent. Yet, they want others to pay. Like they are entitled to go, like it is some sort of right. They are not! It is not!

Then, we come to his highly touted soon to be $15 per hour minimum wage—another factor driving people from New York. When one makes the cost of labor not relative to the work being paid for, that business, if it can, will move to a friendlier state. This includes paid leave. People, and it is people, who start or invest in business do not do so to create jobs for others, or pay benefits. They do so to make a profit and that is not a crime, nor is it selfish. It is, though, self-interest. There is a difference.

There was a recent Facebook post that asked the question: “When will we stop pretending that it is still possible to live on the minimum wage?” To that I replied: “Can we stop pretending one is supposed to live on the minimum wage?” Yet, because this state is enacting policies to attract the unskilled, it is trying to redefine what a minimum wage job is actually for. One thing is for sure—it is NOT to raise a family on.

Treating it as such is forcing businesses to flee the state and taking their jobs with them. Or if they cannot leave, they will find other ways to mitigate the costs. Even bastions of liberalism, like SUNY Orange, are not impervious to the costs. According to, self-serve kiosks will soon replace food staff at the school.

From the story: “SUNY Orange’s cafeteria workers will be laid off at the end of the spring semester, to be replaced by food-dispensing machines.”

“In an email sent to students on Thursday, Vinnie Cazzetta, executive director of the nonprofit Orange County Community College Association, which runs the cafeterias, said the change comes after the college’s food-service operations showed a deficit of more than $150,000 last year, ‘continuing a trend of significant operations losses that has existed for years.’”

Even SUNY Orange realizes you cannot pay people $12 an hour plus other state-mandated benefits and survive. They are not the first. Wendy’s and McDonald’s are doing the same. Others will follow.

Sure, liberals want to be judged for intent, but this is the actual result of which they do not wish to be held accountable. It is time for even the most liberal among you to realize intent is not enough.

This is what I say. What say you?

The opinions expressed herein are the writer's alone, and do not reflect the opinions of or anyone who works for is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by the writer.

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