Shopping online for hearing aids is kind of like telemedicine.

Sure, it could be convenient, but it should never take the place of seeing the doctor face to face.

The good news is that for area residents struggling with hearing loss, help is right around the corner.

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Nicole Kalukiewicz has opened “Hearing Aids Near Me” in Yorktown Heights, and employs the most innovative techniques in the industry to help her restore her patients’ hearing.

Nicole’s practice includes a Doctor of Audiology, Sarah Franky, who performs diagnostic evaluations and hearing aid fittings.

“We urge patients to come into a practice,” she said. “They need to meet one-on-one with a professional. Purchasing hearing aids online is not the way to handle a hearing loss. It is not like reading glasses—you shouldn’t buy them over the counter. It’s not even comparable.”

Hearing Aids Near Me will happily give anyone experiencing hearing loss a complimentary hearing screening.

“You have nothing to lose by coming in and developing a base line, so you can better understand what is going on with your hearing, Nicole said, “Your hearing connects you to your world and that’s a connection you don’t want to break.”

Nicole works with Audibel, a division of Starkey Hearing Technologies, one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. 

Many people often struggle because their healthcare plans don’t cover hearing aids and they are reluctant to make an appointment. But, she said, they should come in anyway.

“We work with our patients to find technology that not only fits their hearing loss and lifestyle but their pocketbook as well. Everyone deserves an opportunity to hear better and we will do everything we can to try and accomplish that”

They also do hearing-aid repairs for all major manufacturers.

Having provided in home appointments for most of her career in Massachusetts, Nicole’s office re-creates an “in-home” experience to make the transition to using hearing aids as smooth as possible.

“I am so excited to bring the in-home concept into our new office and provide an amazing realistic environment for our patients to see how they will hear better in the real world,” Nicole said. “It’s something I am really proud of.”

“When you are in a quiet office, you hear everything really well, but sometimes when you get home you start to notice sounds like the refrigerator running, silverware clinking, your television and your coffeemaker or even your toilet flushing,” she said. “We try to show them what these really sound like before they head out into the real world, so they better understand what challenges they may encounter after they leave our office. We try to duplicate their environment. We are very interactive with our patients, we go that extra mile to make sure they are comfortable every step of the way on their journey to better hearing”

“We hear with our brain and when we start to lose our hearing our brain forgets what some things sound like. It can be frustrating to the patient to hear certain sounds again. The technology we work with today is amazing. Although it takes time to adjust to hearing again, using todays technology certainly makes the transition smoother than it did years ago.” 

Nicole uses sounds ranging from heavy rain to crowded restaurants, birds chirping, clock ticking, toilets flushing— sounds she knows are likely “new” to the patient.

“It doesn’t always sound normal from the very beginning. It takes time, patience and a desire to hear better. This is why regular follow up and communication between us and our patients is so important. Hearing better is a team effort, one that we are proud to be a part of.”

Nicole was born and raised in Cambridge, Mass, and had been in the hearing industry since late 2004. She has worked in a variety of positions throughout the industry and became a Massachusetts Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist in 2009. 
Nicole bought The Hearing Center in Yorktown Heights in September and turned it into Hearing Aids Near Me.

“I love what we do”, Nicole says. “ I love everything about this industry, I love the change we bring to people’s lives. It’s a feeling I can’t describe for both us and our patients. To work together and reconnect someone back to their life, their family, to see the light return to their eyes...It’s pretty amazing.”

And that’s nice to hear.

Call Hearing Aids Near Me at 914-245-6618 to set up an appointment.

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