To the editor,

If you plan on attending David McKay Wilson's upcoming exercise in grandstanding at Mahopac Library, where he'll be stroking his own ego, under the guise of doing a service to the community, by documenting his grudge match against Councilman Mike Barile, do me a favor and ask him why he isn't using the considerable platform he has at his disposal to do something that actually benefits the community in which he lives, by dragging the shameless, politically-motivated shenanigans of Putnam County Republicans, who have relentlessly, and recklessly, stonewalled and steamrolled our Democrat Sheriff Robert Langley at every opportunity into the sunlight.

After three years without a contract, necessary staffing increases shut down, and routine budget transfers denied, what do you say, David?  Can you check your ego and do some actual good for the men and women who keep our (and your) community safe, or is your time better spent trying to bring down the one target of yours who dared to push back?

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Vince Thomas