Before I get to the main thrust of this column, first things first: A little inside baseball. There is an issue that has been covered in Yorktown, but the bigger picture I believe is important no matter where you live. It deals with personal finances.

Last year in the Yorktown supervisor race, it came out that the incumbent was behind in his taxes. Recently, it came out that our state senator was behind on taxes for a business he shares with his family. I know both men and consider them friends. No, we don’t see or talk to each other every day or week, but I know that when push comes to shove, if I call them with a concern, it will be addressed sooner rather than later. They both also suffered a financial problem that a large percentage of Yorktown residents have had to deal with sometime in their lives. Personally, I had this problem in the early ‘90s.

Yet, there was another elected official in town who had a financial problem. All three of their problems stem from the downturn in the economy since 2008; the same root cause for others facing this concern in town: lost jobs; reductions in wages. Yet, it was the third person who did not suffer political damage. Why? It is because he addressed it in an Op Ed before anyone else was aware of it. In political terms, he got out in front of it. So, by the time his opponents brought it up, it was old news that he himself brought up. People respect honesty. They understand tough financial times. He also never forgot one of the first lessons in politics: Never forget how people see you.

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Now, some thoughts on liberal hypocrisy:

• “The duties of the Senate are set forth in the U.S. Constitution. Nowhere in that document does it say the Senate has a duty to give presidential appointments a vote. It says appointments shall be made with the advice and consent of the Senate. That is very different than saying every nominee receives a vote.”

No, that quote was not from Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell concerning President Obama’s recent nominee to the Supreme Court. That quote was from 2005—not an election year. In fact, it was after George W. Bush won re-election. That quote was from former Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, explaining why they were filibustering all of Bush’s nominations to various courts of appeals. It makes one want to puke over the rank hypocrisy.

By the way, there is nothing in the Constitution that says there must be nine justices on the Supreme Court. In fact, the Constitution is totally silent on the matter, except to leave it up to the Legislative Branch to determine the number. It leaves it to the Legislative Branch to determine the number of Appellate Courts and judges who sit on them. In even leaves it to the Legislative Branch to determine what it is the courts may consider. You saw this play out earlier in the decade regarding the infamous Terri Schiavo case. The Legislative Branch removed from the Supreme Court its ability to decide whether her husband could “pull the plug” on her. The Legislative Branch left that decision to her husband not nine people in black robes.

One would be surprised by the power the Legislative Branch has over both the executive and judiciary. Our problem, and one that has led to this insurgency in the Republican Party, is that this particular ruling class has abdicated its responsibility to both the executive and judicial branches. Simply put, they are a bunch of quislings.

• Now, for more rank hypocrisy on the left that makes one want to puke: Imagine, if you will, protests at abortion clinics; say one run by Planned Parenthood. What are the rules for those? There are rules, laws in fact, governing these types of protests. That is because Planned Parenthood is a private company; it isn’t public. This also begs the question: Why are we funding it for any amount of money? There are numerous government agencies that provide the same services minus abortions throughout the country and this state. I digress.

So the rules (laws) state that anybody that wants to protest what goes on in there cannot walk in and start harassing employees and start beating up employees. They have to stay outside the building, in many cases, and are required to stay a few feet away.

So now imagine what Obama would do, imagine what the media would say, if anti-abortion protesters stormed Planned Parenthood facilities, actually went inside and started beating up people that work there and trashing the place?  Do you think they would say: “It’s the time-honored art of American dissent”? No. They would properly call it criminal behavior. There would be arrests, and the cops would go in there and kick them out and get rid of them.

This is also true about a Trump rally or any of the other candidate’s rallies. These are private events paid for by the candidates. They rent the arena. They have to provide security. All the Secret Service agents do is react to what they think might be a threat to the person who they are assigned to protect. In this case, it’s candidates. So when somebody storms a stage they’ll go into action. However, if there are fisticuffs out in the crowd, that’s up to local security, local law enforcement or whatever private security the candidates have purchased. Like abortion clinic protests, is a protester allowed to come in there and do what they’ve been doing without being kicked out and arrested?

Yet, that’s not how this is portrayed in the media and talking heads on the cable news shows.  They say this is normal, everyday American people protesting what they think is the dangerous Donald Trump. When, in fact, they are purposefully paid-for planned and executed strategies to disrupt these events. They are there to shut down these events. They are there to cause problems. It is they who are breaking the law, not Trump or his supporters. The people that run the Trump rallies have every right to throw them out of there. These paid-for professional protesters do not have the right to come in and disrupt these things under the guise of peaceful protests.

However, showing you the bias in the media, they want you yo blame Trump for it. They want you saying to yourself: “If Trump wasn’t doing what he’s doing, this wouldn’t be happening.” Then they want you to come to the conclusion: “Trump should stop. Trump should get out. Trump’s a menace.” Yet, it isn’t Trump doing this. It is not Trump’s people doing this. It is not Trump supporters. The people that are doing this are going to vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. These are criminal acts. These are not protests. These are provocations and riots in waiting.

This is what I say. What say you?