Let me state this up front: No matter what you hear or read, Trump could not subvert any investigation into General Flynn. He has the power to pardon even before any crime has been alleged. Remember the Ford pardon of Nixon? It was for any crimes he may have committed up to his resignation even though he was not yet charged with anything.

As for Flynn, no one has yet to articulate the crime for which he is being investigated. Talking to the Russians? He was the proposed National Security advisor. He would have been derelict in his upcoming duties had he not. Back in February, then-FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress that Flynn was NOT part of any investigation.

So when Comey had this meeting with Trump outlined in this now infamous memo that no one as of this writing has ever seen—remember, this has all been reported using anonymous sources—Flynn was under no investigation. It was only the broken record Democrats calling for one. Trump did not tell him to let it go. He asked if it was POSSIBLE. That is not interference.

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If it was interference, why did Comey not, on the numerous times he was asked by Congress and the Senate if there was any interference, state so then, instead of saying that was none? If this was such a high crime, why did he sit on it for three months? The important fact is that at no time did Trump order the case dropped. In fact, it is still going on. An investigation looking for a crime. Also, under the law, if this actually happened, Comey was required to immediately report this to Congress, even if it involved the president.

We are now seeing talk that we are in impeachment territory. This, too, is false. For one thing, no one has yet to articulate the actual crime Trump and his campaign committed. Collusion to effect an election? Look it up. There is no crime of collusion. No law, no statute. It is a stretch, but at worst, an ethics violation. Certainly not on the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Here is the crime that Trump actually did commit: He won an election he should have lost in a landslide. It was her turn, damn it! She was supposed to be the first female president. She orchestrated her whole life for that outcome. It was not that the people in the majority of states had it with Obama’s policies, which Hillary, when she actually articulated a position, was not only going to continue but double down on them. It was not that she was a lousy candidate; It was not that she was just as unlikable as Trump; no! With the help of the Russians and Comey, Trump stole it. He is not legit. So anything he does is not legit. We, the Democrats and the media, do not recognize the results of the election.

Yet it was these same democrats and media stenographers who had a cow when Trump during the second debate would not state flat out he would accept the results of the election should he lose. Now look who is not accepting the results. Up to the second of Comey’s firing, Democrats were calling for his head. Trump fires Comey and now, according to the Democrats, he is Saint Comey. Yet, they have admitted if Hillary had won and fired Comey, that would have been great.

Even as I write this, before the Ninth Circuit, opponents of Trump’s travel ban have argued that if what he has proposed had been proposed by Hillary it would be legal. However, since Trump is not a legitimate president, what he proposes it not. The other argument is that the court is to ignore the wording of the ban, which they agree the president (just not Trump) has the right to do, they are to concern themselves with what he said when he was campaigning for the nomination. Remember after he got the nomination he limited the ban to countries known to export terrorism. The final product before the court has no mention of Muslims. It bans entries of ALL people from those seven countries that the Obama Homeland Security concluded were risks.

It told you before, as hard as it will be, you must ignore the mainstream media. For over a year they have printed lies, provable lies, based on unnamed sources. They trot out people like James Clapper, who was not present at the dinner where it was alleged trump demanded loyalty from Comey to verify that conversation took place. He was not there! Yet we are to believe he knows firsthand! Even when they trot out Republicans to question Trump’s actions, it is Republicans who never ever supported Trump and were vocal in their opposition. Now we are to believe these reports of a memo no one has ever seen.

I predict this memo will not surface. For if it does, then he will have to produce all memos he wrote after meetings with Obama and Holder and Lynch. There is no way the establishment will let that happen. Remember those memos belong to the people and if he destroys them then he has committed an actual crime.

Fact is, at his inaugurations, Trump put the establishment on notice. They want him out. They are trying to separate you from him. All he has is you. What they are trying to do is negate your vote. You voted against their wishes and, by God, this cannot stand. In the end, it is up to you whether they get their way. Only you can have the courage of your convictions.

This is what I say. What say you?