According to figures, there are 300,000 New Yorkers who are “DACAs.” I would have to believe that means there are some in this area. So, I figured I would get in on the discussion. What is happening now is not Trump’s fault. This is Trump trying to right a wrong, keeping another campaign promise.

DACA (Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals), or the DREAM Act, is not part of existing immigration law. It is a creation of Obama in 2012. He unilaterally and illegally implemented it after failing to pass comprehensive immigration reform with Congress. He wanted amnesty. The Chamber of Commerce wanted it. The donor class wanted it. Republicans, who usually do the bidding of the Chamber of Commerce and the donor class, knew if they did, they would get their clocks cleaned in the election that fall. So, Congress would not cooperate with Obama.

Instead, what Obama did was an end run around the constitutional process for passing laws. DACA is a temporary executive branch amnesty for certain illegal aliens who claim to have entered the country unlawfully as minors up to the age of 31 as of June 15, 2007. Simply put, this is not a law but an executive order. What you are not being told is that it had a sunset provision (a measure within the law that required it to cease at a specific date unless further legislative action was taken).

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So, why the need? Why then? One answer was that it was a presidential election year and though Obama was leading Romney in the polls, it was not by much. However, you must go back in time to the spring and summer of 2012. Try to recall, these were the kids that were on the mule trains and the railroads that were coming in from Central America without their parents. They were being settled by the federal government in various neighborhoods in southern California. They were not being fully processed. They were arriving and then they were being placed by the Obama Department of Homeland Security with families all over the country. Now do you remember?

It was a never-ending stream of children unaccompanied by their parents. The reaction the media tried to embed in your minds was one of great compassion and sympathy. What we were being told was: It’s so bad where they are coming from—Guatemala, El Salvador etc.—that their parents are sending these kids out alone. The plan all along was that once their children arrived, that was step one in being admitted themselves, because who can keep families apart? After all, that is not who we are the, president told us. What kind of society would keep families apart? So DACA kids gets in the country, and then we get their parents to come in later. The program was essentially executive branch amnesty for minors who had entered the country illegally.

They were given protection from deportation, allowed to get work permits and, most important, were allowed to access all government largess. That is what this is all about. It is not about deportations. The only ones instilling that fear with DACAs is the Democrats. Trump, from the beginning, has never said he was going to round up all illegal immigrants. It was visa overstays, convicted criminals and those charged with felonies. Think about it. Before DACA, was there a mass round up? Hell no! Since Trump, have there been mass round ups of illegal immigrants not falling under what Trump said he was going to focus on? Hell no!

Again, it is the media and Democrats (I repeat myself) who are scaring the bejeebers out of these kids. For what purpose, you ask? Within hours of Attorney General Jeff Sessions announcing suspension of DACA in six months, the Democrats were sending out fundraising letters. Also, remember the media and Democrats essentially believe the United States is responsible for so much suffering in the world that we owe the world a free trip to our country. Anybody who wants to improve their lives, we should let them in. At the same time, open up the government piggy bank for them so they will be dependent on the government and in the future, if we get our way, vote us in office for however long we want to stay.

However, now comes Trump. He remembers his base. The number one reason Donald Trump was elected was his position on illegal immigration. So Trump, being true to his base, announced that he was going to end the program in six months. The reason for that is because the existing law really is not a law. It’s an executive action that Obama took and is outside the Constitution.

What Trump is doing is throwing it back to Congress and saying, “deal with it. We are going to have an actual legislative and statutory solution to this problem.” Congress, unfortunately, has been all over the map on this. There are many Republicans in Congress, Paul Ryan included, who, when Obama was president, criticized it, thought it was unconstitutional. Now that Trump is in the White House, they do not want to change it because, as I said earlier, this is what the Chamber of Commerce wants. This is what donors want. This is what gets us to full-fledged amnesty, which has been the plan all along.

DACA will only be acceptable when the rest of Trump’s immigration platform is a done deal. There can be no promises, for Congress has a history of reneging on deals. Congress must give Trump what he wants: no amnesty for anybody other than DACAs. Enforce the existing law. People who have committed crimes, people that have been accused of crimes—these people that are not citizens. They are here illegally and deporting them is in line with the existing law. If Congress authorizes, passes and sends a bill to Trump’s desk with monies to move on the wall and stricter border control, then DACA would be a worthwhile compromise.

This is what I say. What say you?