Overlooked in all the spin since last Monday’s debate was a discussion on this topic: When Hillary was asked by the moderator if there is racism in law enforcement, she replied that all of us, including law enforcement officers, are guilty of having “systemic racism,” which simply means race “determines” how people are treated in the criminal justice system and in how we interact with others. So, not only is law enforcement racist, we are all racists.

It was bad enough a couple of weeks ago when she labeled 50 percent of all Trump supporters as “deplorables” (i.e.: racist, sexist, etc.), but last week she doubled down and now submits that we, including her supporters, are racist. I have always said and written that liberals have contempt for the people, which is why they must make laws for people to act the way they think best. This is what she thinks of the people she wishes to govern.

As of this writing, Hillary Clinton has met neither me nor any member of my family. Yet, she judges them to have “systemic racism” in their DNA. Who the hell does she think she is? My grandparents came to this country legally in 1922. They, until their deaths, always resided in New York. 

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So, in their DNA there is not history of owning or supporting slavery. As residents of New York, there is no history in their DNA of practicing “Jim Crow” separate but equal. In fact, as business owners all of their lives (restaurants, liquor stores among others), no member of my family has ever discriminated either in hiring or serving people based on their race, religion or even sexual orientation! The last I would certainly have known about. So, I believe I am quite justified in being angry by being lumped in a group she says has “systemic racism.”

The sad thing is that among her supporters that I know, they will not be offended by her implying that they too have “systemic racism.” They will still support her and vote for her, even though she holds them in equal contempt as the deplorables she says supports Trump.

It amazes me the things Hillary supporters must swallow whole hog in their belief that Donald Trump, who has never held elective office, never voted nor enacted policies that people might find noxious, is worse.

Example: The Iraq War. We are to equate a comment (“I guess so”) that Donald Trump said in 2002 on the Howard Stern Show when asked if he supported going to war in Iraq, as being on the same level of support as her actually voting to go to war.

We are asked to equate Donald Trump, private businessman until last June, as being guilty of some terrible wrong, by using laws he neither sponsored nor voted for when paying his accountants to do his corporate or personal taxes. I would have fired an accountant who did not obey the laws when filing my taxes. These were not loopholes, but duly enacted laws passed by multiple congresses and legislatures and signed by multiple presidents and governors of both parties. He would have been negligent and undeserving of my support had he not. As he said at the debate, if you do not like the laws, then change them. It is that simple.

Back to “systemic racism” in law enforcement. She said at the debate that blacks are more likely to be arrested, charged, convicted and incarcerated for doing the same thing as whites. What she is trying to do is continue what this administration has in many ways succeeded in doing, which is the continued delegitimation of the criminal justice system.

Politicians (liberal Democrats mostly), talking heads and professional criminologists have tried forever to prove that the overrepresentation of blacks in prison is due to racism. Yet, the fact is that the overwhelming evidence is in in criminal offending, not systemic racism. In other words, who is it exactly committing those crimes?

When Clinton said during the debate that blacks are more likely to be incarcerated for doing the same thing as whites ignores the defendant’s criminal history and other crucial sentencing factors in determining their sentence. Again, not systemic racism.

Clinton also said in trying to prove that stop and frisk was ineffectual that too many young African-American and Latino men are in jail for non-violent offenses. The truth is, the majority of prisoners in the United States are serving time for violent felonies.

In fact, the enforcement of low-level public order offenses in New York City during the mayoralties of Rudolph Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg (stop and frisk) actually lowered New York State’s prison population. Even as misdemeanor arrests increased in the city, felony arrests and felony incarcerations dropped.

We, and law enforcement guilty, are guilty of systemic racism. Bah-humbug. The only people guilty of this are those who believe it.

This is what I say. What say you?