King Andrew Has Spoken

So, there is now a deal to close down Indian Point by the year 2021. None of the local elected officials were part of these discussions. After all, why should they be? They only represent the people who will be affected, mostly negatively, by this deal. If there is anything we have learned during the reign of King Andrew the First, it is, “So it is written, so it shall be done.”

He has been hell-bent on doing this for years. He has thrown his cards in with the flat-Earth people. He has thrown his cards in with fear mongers who have been proven wrong every step of the way. He condemned the southern tier to abject poverty by banning fracking. Again bowing on bended knee to unfounded fears.

So what about those affected? Screw them. So what if their utility bills increase? So what if they lose their jobs, their homes? So what if it throws school and town budgets out of whack? King Andrew has spoken. He says he will either retrain those workers in new fields of energy or relocate them to other regions of the state where there are nuclear reactors he is trying not to let shut down by increasing our energy costs and redistributing upstate to subsidize those reactors.

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Screw the fact that these people have called this area home for years and years. Screw the fact that their kids who have gone to these schools all their lives and made friends here. Screw them, make them move to new areas no matter how much turmoil it brings to their lives. King Andrew has spoken. “So it is written, so it shall be done.”

Yet, there is one thing you are not hearing reported with the same intensity as the shutdown date. It is a clause that states if there is not a reliable source of power to make up the 25-percent loss closing Indian Point will bring, there can be a four-year extension. So possibly for the next eight years, thousands of lives will be up in limbo.

You want to know what the real joke is? Any and all of the so-called “green” alternatives rely on fossil fuel, yes. even wind mills. You see the trouble building a pipeline is having from the flat-Earth people. Can you just imagine trying to bring in power lines from upstate and the trouble that will face?

Environmental studies. Lawsuits. Public forums. That’s just to bring existing power supplies downstate. Four years! Hah! I will believe it when I see it! Natural gas? Hah! That would require a pipeline. Wind mills? You can not even build a cell tower without fierce opposition. Don’t forget those who will object to the effect it will have on the skyline and view from Charles Point.

Uproot whole families, certainly not those who are cheering the closing. Relax, no matter what they come up with, you and your elected officials will be the last to know. We will all have to wait until King Andrew speaks. I predict the following.  Now that he got his headlines, and knowing the obstacles trying to make up the lost power will face, Indian Point will not shut down in 2021, or 2025. Not in my lifetime, anyway.

This is what I say. What say you?

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