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Mahopac Falls FD Adds New Fire-Safety Teaching Tool

MFVFD firefighters Bill Lindsey and John Vangor pose with members of Mahopac Cub Scout Pack 371 in front of the new fire prevention safety trailer. Credits: Mahopac Falls Volunteer Fire Department

MAHOPAC, N.Y.-The Mahopac Falls Volunteer Fire Department (MFVFD) took delivery of a new fire prevention safety educational trailer last month that will enable them to present realistic scenarios to teach children how to react to fire-related emergencies while in the safety of a training environment.

The department purchased the trailer for $65,000.

“We received grants to buy a compressor and some fire gear and we are able to use the money we saved there to buy the trailer,” said MFVFD Chief Brian Sacher.

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The unit is custom-built with the latest technology, such as warming interior doors to teach children to feel for heat before opening, smoke detector/fire-alarm activation props, a fireplace prop and a stovetop cooking fire prop.

The new trailer enables the re-creation of kitchen-fire scenarios, as a portion of it was built to resemble a home kitchen, allowing children to gain hands-on experience in how to put out a kitchen fire. This scenario uses heat, smoke, sound effects and digital flames and simulates the use of a fire extinguisher.

The new trailer also features a mock-up of a child’s bedroom to help educate children about how to feel a door for heat and how to evacuate safely through the window using an escape ladder. Additional features include an electrical outlet to simulate electrical-fire hazards, sounds, smoke, fire effects, an interactive emergency phone and smoke detectors to help create the emergency setting.

The fire prevention safety trailer is a unique and valuable tool firefighters have for teaching public fire safety education. Each year, firefighters from the Mahopac Falls Fire Department teach about 1,000 children about fire prevention.

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