Mahopac senior Zach Gamarra is a captain on the golf team.

How old were you when you started playing golf and how did you get started?

I first picked up a club when I was 13 while on a vacation. I was playing other sports at the time but golf was always something I wanted to try.

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What is your favorite aspect of the sport of golf?

That it’s an individual game and only you can control how well you do.

What do you think your strengths are in your game?

I’ve been able to hit the ball far which makes it easier to control longer shots.

How would you describe the season? Did you achieve any goals you set for yourself?

We all had a really good season as a team and picked up the most wins we’ve had through the four years I played.  I was happy to make all-league as this is my last season on the team.

As a senior captain, how do you see your role on the team, and how much do you value being a team leader?

Being a senior, I try to lead by example, but just like everyone else I try to do my best in order to make sure the team succeeds. Being a leader for the past two years was a great honor.

What is your favorite team activity, pre-match or post-match ritual that you share with your teammates in golf?

Stopping for food after playing well in a match.

Who has been your biggest role model over the years and what have you learned from them?

My dad was the one who pushed me to play and got me into the game.  Since then, he has always inspired me to get better and to work for it.

Tell us one thing about yourself that not a lot of people know?

I never started playing golf until I got into high school.

Do you plan on continuing to play golf in college? If yes, do you have any schools in mind?

I plan on trying out for the school team at Florida Atlantic University where I will be attending.

Do you know what you want to study in college? If yes, what and why?

I’m going to study civil engineering because designing and building things such as bridges always interested me.

Who is your favorite pro or college sports team?

New York Knicks.

What is your favorite music to listen to warming up for a golf match or tournament?


If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

To be able to move things with my mind because it would be funny to see people’s reactions.

If you could pick one place to visit on vacation that you’ve never been to, where would you go and why?

To the Swiss Alps so I can go snowboarding out of a helicopter.

What is your favorite food to eat before or after a game?

A crosstag from Crossroads.

Best place to eat in Mahopac and why?

Blue Hen because they have good wings.

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Why?

Twitter because it’s always entertaining.

For a young athlete growing up in Mahopac, what would you tell them about the experience of being part of the golf program and why should they go out for the team?

It’s definitely not an experience you want to miss and being part of any team, including golf, is something you won’t forget.