MAHOPAC, N.Y. — 4D Sports Performance Center, located in Mahopac, is renowned by athletes both locally and nationally as a premier training facility. 

Baseball and softball clients travel to 4D Sports from all over the USA to train with the professional staff housed under one roof. The facility offers one of the best pitching instructors in the country as well as one of the leading hitting instructors. They train athletes ranging from the collegiate and professional levels to high school and youth age players. The staff at 4D have all played at professional and/or the collegiate levels and most hold exercise science and athletic training degrees in addition to their playing experiences.  The staff’s professional careers range from Major League Baseball organizations such as the New York Yankees, the Tampa Bay Rays, the Atlanta Braves, the Houston Astros, the San Francisco Giants, and more.

Anthony Yacco is the founder of 4D Sports Performance Center. He is a former pitcher for the San Francisco Giants and was their 1999 10th round draft pick out of high school. He is a regional director for the National Pitching Association (NPA). He is a certified National Pitching Association Instructor and a Regional Director for the NPA. He works closely with Tom House, founder of the NPA. Yacco and his staff train both professional athletes and dedicated individuals that strive to play at the collegiate level as well as youth players starting at 6 years of age.

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The foundation of the training program is scientifically defendable, emphasizing arm care, injury prevention and biomechanics. It focuses on the interrelationship between biomechanics, conjoined with mental and emotional awareness, strength and conditioning, as well as health and nutrition. Individualized programs are created for all of the athletes. Combining the physiological and the mental aspects of human performance and competition, the pitchers, hitters and athletes in general are instructed utilizing techniques to improve their performance on multiple levels. Pitchers learn to increase their velocity by as much as 10 miles per hour as well as improve their command. 

Yacco and his staff subscribe to the same philosophies and employ all of these techniques when instructing clients at any level. Their clients are educated first and foremost on valuable injury preventative exercises prior to any biomechanics or functional strength training.  Caring for the body must come first, “Injury prevention is our number one priority!”

The education provided by 4D Sports extends far beyond the field. We teach our athletes how to manage their lives, finding a balance between education and athletics while maintaining a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on nutrition. Focusing on academics is a key component to our program. As one of the mom’s stated, “My son has been training with 4D Sports for five years and has learned the importance of time management, commitment and dedication. Their confidence building techniques have transformed our son’s focus to an entirely new level.”4D sports offers both individual training and team training.  

HitTrax is an exciting new piece of baseball and softball technology recently added to 4D Sports Performance Center. HitTrax offers both training and gaming platforms. Hitters can select any MLB ballpark as their virtual hitting stadium. HitTrax is definitely a fun for all activity! Players can engage in HitTrax leagues within the facility itself or compete against other facilities with HitTrax across the country. It’s fantastic for birthday parties! Nine inning games are played as an instructor throws batting practice. Home run derby’s are also a big hit. It’s very exciting—the kids absolutely love it! 

The HitTrax spring league at 4D Sports begins on March 10. For more information, visit the to register your team today and compete against others. This is a neat activity for all ages, including adults.  Baseball and softball leagues can compete on the field and in the virtual world! It’s a great way to practice with your team. 

4D Sports Performance Center is truly a diamond in the rough! 

100 Buckshollow Road
Mahopac, NY 10541