MAHOPAC, N.Y.— The art in Adrea Robles’ Mandala Collection represents a journey of self-discovery. A yoga teacher and co-owner of Liberation Yoga in Mahopac, Adrea had put her energy into her growing business, requiring her to abandon her artistic yearnings.  However, a recent art workshop inspired Robles to pull out her art pad and oil pastels, and to let color and her subconscious guide her to create a unique series that she calls The Mandala Collection.

This meditative and emotive series is currently on display in the Third Floor Gallery at Mahopac Public Library; the exhibit will remain on view through May 30 and can be visited during regular Library hours.

The impetus for many of Robles’ mandalas are the seven chakras which are the centers in our bodies through which energy flows. Several of her pieces including “Chakra Set #1,” “Diamond Chakra Set,” and “Chakra Mantle Shelf,” feature seven distinct and colorful mandalas that represent the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. Other mandalas are presented either as a single framed work, or grouped in sets of three, four, or six vibrant images. Driftwood, rope, copper and gold foil tape, and votive candle holders, add an earthy or spiritual dimension to several of the mandala pieces.

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Robles will be partnering with Christopher Staples, former director of the LOOK/ART Gallery in Mahopac, to present a workshop entitled Mandalas: Opening the Creative and Intuitive Heart at Mahopac Library on Thursday, May 18 at 6:30 p.m. Robles will lead participants through some gentle yoga poses; Staples will then conduct a class in creating individual mandalas.  There is a $5 per person fee for this workshop; all materials will be provided.

To learn more about Robles’ mandala collection visit For further information about exhibits in the Third Floor Gallery, visit, or call 845-628-2009, ext. 100.