Over the past couple of weeks, you have been inundated with either collusion, collusion, collusion or the Republican health care remedy that will kill people by the thousands.

These have been parroted by the media, Democrats and Never Trumpers. I really do not know why I separate them, for they are one and the same. You do not believe me? You think I am so in bed with the Trump train, I cannot see clearly? Wrong! In a column by Maureen Callahan in the New York Post last Tuesday (July 11), “$trange Bedfellows,” she covers an annual party thrown by the Washington Post’s senior associate editor, heiress Lally Weymouth, in the Hamptons. News people—talking heads, opinion writers, and reporters—politicians and power brokers were the invitees.

According to the story, the guests included Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, George Soros, David Koch, Sen. Charles Schumer, and Kelleyanne Conway, just to name a few. This is the beltway bubble. This list of guests in the story, and it is a long list of who’s who in news and politics, proves there really is an establishment class and they are in government to improve their lot in life at your expense. It is why I repeatedly tell you to ignore the mainstream news. They are writing not for you, but for each other.

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An example: The recent feud between the hosts of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC and President Trump. For years, both Mika and Joe were friends of Trump. Long before he entered politics, he was a welcome guest on their show. Same holds true for the beginning of the Republican primaries. However, when it became clear that Trump was the real thing and not a joke, that he could win the nomination, Mika and Joe’s friends started to ostracize them. They were no longer allowed to play in the reindeer games with the other reindeer. They could not handle this so they switched tracks and it became “Trump is a jerk.” This was actually foreseeable because their past history has shown them to have all the traits of a dog, except loyalty. Now they are allowed to play again with the big boys.

So now you see why all the coverage is the same, and all lies. I have said before, there is no such crime as collusion. So all this crap you have heard or read about Donald Trump Jr. is just that, crap. There is no law, even if true, that was broken. They write and talk to each other.

The other template deals with the Obamacare repeal and replace. Our own governor, who has never had a thought of his own, parrots the same talking point that if the Republican bill is passed, indigent seniors will be evicted from nursing homes because of the draconian cuts to Medicaid. New York is in the top tier in paying the highest Medicaid rates in the nation. Yet, Cuomo must parrot this to keep you in the dark about the fact that, in spite of the high rates, according to the latest federal survey of nursing homes across the country, 40 percent of New York nursing homes provide substandard care. Not Trump. Not the Republican plans. No! Under Obamacare.  Under Gov. Cuomo.

The survey found that incontinent seniors lay in soiled diapers leading to sores and infections. It found patients with staph infections are allowed in common dining rooms seated next to other patients. Nationwide, this is the deadliest problem;   380,000 patients a year die from such infections. This is happening now, under Obamacare, under expanded Medicaid. Now, to be fair Medicaid has adopted new standards in dealing with infections and precautions, however they postponed the start date until November 2019.

You are being lied to daily by our governor and senators that the Republicans want to cut Medicaid. They do not! There are NO cuts! Medicaid spending will continue to rise every year, only at a slower rate. That’s the truth! The danger to Medicaid is not funding, but the toleration of substandard care. In spite of the lies by Cuomo and Schumer, it is not Trump or the Republicans. In New York, this rests on the shoulders of Cuomo.

He is culpable. Under his watch, substandard nursing homes still get paid by Medicaid with no oversight. Again, in fairness, New York has started paying nursing homes with high standards more money—slightly more. However, because this governor will not stand up to the nursing home lobby, seniors will continue to suffer. So, instead of making Trump and the Republicans your boogeyman, focus on the real culprits: Obamacare, the Democrats and, here in New York, Cuomo.

This is what I say. What Say you?