For the critics of my recent column, “More Lies Exposed” (Feb. 23, Page 10), here are some more “climate change” lies exposed. It seems that if you do not genuflect at the altar of “climate change,” you are a heretic. Or, in this case, a denier. Do you know the last group of people to be labeled “deniers”? You guessed it. Holocaust deniers. This is the group you are to think of when one has a real problem with this so-called settled science.

According to my critics, I am supposed to be overwhelmed by the number of scientists—the consensus—who demand we pay attention to their clarion call that the sky is falling. It was going to fall according to Ted Danson in 1988. Then, according to Al Gore, it was going to fall five years ago. Now, it is going to fall in 50 years. To tell you the truth, eventually it will fall. In about another couple of million years, if those computer models are right.

There was a time in human history when a consensus of scientists formed a conclusion they were so sure of, that those heretics were tortured until they recanted. One absolute consensus was that the world was flat. The other, that the sun revolved around Earth. Does the name Galileo mean anything to you?

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You see, one problem is that science is not consensus. Every bit of this nonsense is based on computer models. These models are programmed by human beings with an agenda. Well, call me a denier—I forgot, you already have—but I am still not ready to give up my money, liberty or bankrupt a nation over a consensus, where lies have been proven to be promulgated.

So, to continue to point out the lies, here is an excerpt from The Daily Caller article “Antarctica Set a New Temperature Record. Here’s What You Need to Know” (March 1):

“The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) confirmed Argentina’s Esperanza base recorded a record-high of 63.5 degrees Fahrenheit on March 24, 2015, beating out the previous record-high of 59 at Vanda Station on Jan. 5, 1974.”

This happens to be true. However, do you know where in Antarctica that temperature was recorded? It was at Base Esperanza, which is very close to Tierra del Fuego. Try Google Maps, you will find it. When most people think Antarctica, they are thinking the South Pole. Yet, in reality, Antarctica extends quite a bit north.

You need to know this because the South Pole is not where it was 63 degrees. It was 63.5 degrees at a part of Antarctica very close to South America. It was 63 degrees at Tierra del Fuego. If you look it up, you will also note that it is not far from the southern most parts of South America.

In the same story was a photo accompanying this. The picture was a couple of penguins on an anvil-shaped piece of ice in what looked like a rock-strewn, barren landscape. This image was to convey that Antarctica was melting, that the water had evaporated because of the heat and there was only a little sliver of ice remaining, only enough room for two penguins.

Now, the picture was legitimate. However, it was not from that area. The truth is that picture was from 2010 and from a completely different part of the world, and that anvil-shaped piece of ice was nowhere near Antarctica. This picture is seven years old and was two penguins standing atop a block of melting ice at Cape Denison in east Antarctica. Which, if you look at a map, is closer to Australia.

Here is the real fact: If the temperature in Antarctica at the South Pole was 63 degrees then, we have to start talking about circumstances on the planet that you do not even want to contemplate. What you are being led to believe at this point is that it was 63 degrees at the South Pole at a time not physically possible.

The point here for my critics is that this was just another example of total fraud from the global warming crowd. So, as long as they feel they have to mislead people in accepting their consensus, then I will continue to call their conclusions into question.

This is what I say, What say you?