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NY Firefighter from Mahopac Awarded for Heroism

Lieutenant John D. McGinty of Mahopac receives the Uniformed Fire Officers Association Medal from Mayor Bill de Blasio  Credits: Photo courtesy of UFOA

NEW YORK CITY - A Mahopac resident and New York City firefighter has been lauded for his bravery during a heroic rescue.

FDNY Lieutenant John D. McGinty received the Uniformed Fire Officers Association Medal from Mayor Bill de Blasio for courageously dragging out an unconscious woman trapped in a burning apartment building on April 8, 2015. The ceremony, which took place outside of New York City Hall last month with fellow firefighters, honored McGinty for his heroic actions in the line of duty. 

The fire occurred in the Yorkville section of Manhattan where, upon arrival, McGinty learned that a woman was trapped in her second-floor apartment. He led his team up to the second floor where they encountered heavy smoke.

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After donning their self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), McGinty and the team entered the apartment through a door that had been left ajar. While searching the kitchen area in blinding smoke and high heat from the adjoining bedroom, McGinty found an unconscious woman lying on the floor. The lieutenant was able to partially lift her limp body and wrap his arms under her shoulders, while attempting to protect her face and head. Along with a fellow firefighter, they pushed, pulled and dragged the unconscious woman toward the apartment door. With fire rolling over their heads, the flames now were exiting the top portion of the apartment door into the public hallway. They were met by a third firefighter at the door, who took the woman from them.

McGinty then turned his attention back to the apartment door where he used a water extinguisher in an attempt to hold the fire back and gain control of the doorway. He entered the apartment and directed his team toward the rear bedroom. After being joined by his inside team, they assisted McGinty in completing the search of the apartment.

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