Old scores are finally being settled. Thank you, Donald Trump. All those media projections of Republicans on actions actually committed by Democrats are coming home to roost.

First, you have Trump with a new Instagram ad using women who had accused President Clinton of tawdry behavior toward them, describing in detail what happened to them. Why bring this up? Easy, because there is a whole generation of voters who were too young at the time. All they knew was the media cover-up version. The point is not what Bill did, but what Hillary did to personally and professionally destroy the accusers—all the while playing the wronged woman. Now she goes around saying a woman who makes a rape accusation has a right to be believed. Amazing, just in time for her presidential run, she has an epiphany.

She gets to go around at her events telling crowds that Trump is a misogynist because of what he has said about certain women; that when he owned the Miss Universe Contest he had the audacity to judge women contestants on their looks. This is said to be attacks on all women. Nevermind that just last week he fired an advisor brought in to please establishment Republicans because he tried to do a power play on one of his most trusted advisors, who happens to be a woman. Trump judged talent and ability; not gender. Plus, he again has proven how high he places loyalty. You did not read that part of the story last week, only he fired an advisor.

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On top of this, it was also reported last week, but not in mainstream media, that the Clinton Foundation, of which Hillary is a director, paid women in management 38 percent less than men. The Trump organization does not! Now, judge his actions versus Hillary’s when it comes to women.

• Also last week, everywhere you turned, headlines said Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton were “ripping” Trump because Hillary’s media accomplices found a soundbite from Trump in 2006, when he was waiting for the bubble to crash. In it, and remember he was and is a builder and buyer of properties to build on, he admits that he wants the market to go low so he can buy in and turn a profit as the market rebounds.

They’re portraying Trump as a heartless, mean guy that doesn’t care about people’s suffering and doesn’t care about people hurting.

Except he wasn’t the only one. As he said in reply to this accusation: “Who wouldn’t?” After all, that is how real estate goes. Buy low, sell high. Someone is always the bug, someone is always the windshield.  It may not be pretty, but it is reality.

So, who wouldn’t? Well, even though Sen. Warren is railing against Trump, she, too, took part in about a dozen Oklahoma real estate deals that netted her and her family hefty profits through maneuvers such as “flipping” properties, records show. These land records from Warren’s native Oklahoma City show the Harvard professor was active often in the real estate market. These practices took place in the 1990s, so I guess it was alright to capitalize on people’s misfortune in the ‘90s under Clinton, but not in 2006.  Another point of note: There was nothing illegal about the practice, but it was singled out by progressives connected to the Obama administration as one of the irresponsible practices that led directly to the financial crisis.

Except it was not. A little history: I know that if you listen to media, all you know is that the crises started under Bush 43 and all that came after was his fault. However, truth is, what led to the housing crisis is Bill Clinton and people like Barney Frank and the attorney general at the time, Janet Reno, and Andrew Cuomo, who was head of HUD, were demanding that banks lend money to people that had no hope of ever paying it back or face open-ended investigations, tons of lawyer fees and unfavorable publicity.

This was done in the name of fairness. Does that ring a bell? It was done in the name of righting another wrong in perceived discrimination. It was given the name “red-lining.” “A home for every American,” it was said at the time. A home has always been the symbol of the American dream. However, it is not fair that not everybody can afford a home. So the leading Democrats from Clinton on down said that’s just not right, and that’s just not going to stand. Now how are we going do it? Easy, people who can’t afford loans, we’re going to make banks give them loans. This way, we Democrats are going get the credit for every American that wants one being in a home, because we care, because we’re compassionate.  So what happens when you make loans to people who cannot pay them back? They go belly up.

Bill Clinton ordered these loans to be made with the help of Janet Reno and Andrew Cuomo, who threatened these banks with open-ended investigations into whatever they might be doing if they didn’t comply. The banks were expected to eat these losses, just like businesses are expected to eat losses with mandated overly high minimum wages, paid leave, and Obamacare regulations. Problem is, money always find a way. As businesses go to automation, cut hours and work force, these banks bundled these worthless mortgages and sold them off to the next sucker until they ran out of suckers. There you have it: A disaster brought to you by the United States government as presided over by Bill Clinton at the time. It’s inarguable.

So, maybe Senator Warren was right: If you were successful, you did not do it, the government did. In this case, it made people connected to government and people like Warren and Trump rich. In this case, they could not have done it without government. This is what I say. What say you?