To the editor,

After I read the article about the parking lot/park plan for Swan Cove in Mahopac (Mahopac News, Feb. 1), I want to express my opinion on this proposed purchase by the town of Carmel for $1 million.

The property is abandoned, in my opinion. It has lakeside access, but so does the Chamber Park located next to this parcel. There is no benefit to the taxpayers.

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The Town Board is taking away taxable property and moving it off the tax rolls with the purchase of this property. There is still the property that Tompkins Mahopac Bank owns that would have to be purchased as well as part of the cost of developing the property into a small park and parking lot.

The question I have is why hasn’t this property been condemned by the town? It has been an eyesore to the Mahopac community for years. Our town leadership should be looking to have this land upgraded to meet the standards of the community. Sadly, it just sits there like a relic from another era; weather-beaten, abandoned, falling apart.

I would prefer that the town not spend $1 million for this property and instead save the money for pressing needs that may arise in the future.