MAHOPAC, N.Y.-State police executed a search warrant on a Mahopac business and its owners’ residence last week and confiscated computers as part of an ongoing investigation into towing practices on the Taconic State Parkway.

Sources told Mahopac News that investigators raided Top Notch Auto Body on Secor Road on Jan. 22, as well as the home of the business’s owners—Frank and Shannon Inzano—on Bullet Hole Road and removed computers from the premises.

Top Notch Auto Body has a contract with the state to provide towing services on the Taconic. Sources said such contracts are regulated and towing companies have a ceiling on how much they can charge.

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“There is a bidding process [for the contracts] and they purchase the right to tow on certain sections,” the source said. “They are sort of gambling, what is the lowest amount I can pay so I can still make money.”

Top Notch Auto’s section of the Taconic runs from Route 301 (the Cold Spring exit) to Route 100/133 (New Castle).

No arrests have been made or charges filed, but sources told Mahopac News that there is a chance the case could go before a grand jury in the next several weeks. The source said it is possible that felony charges could be leveled, depending on what investigators discover.

Putnam County District Attorney Bob Tendy said because the investigation is ongoing, it would be premature for him to comment.

“It’s still in the investigative stage,” he said. “Evidence was obtained and [investigators] are looking into it and then the appropriate charges will be filed, if any.”

A source told Mahopac News that the investigation started in April 2017 to see whether Top Notch was overcharging towing customers, but added it was not clear exactly what happened to spark the investigation.

Peter Goodrich, the attorney for Top Notch, said he was aware of the search warrant’s execution but couldn’t comment because he doesn’t know what the investigation will reveal.

“There is really nothing I can say because it would be completely hypothetical,” Goodrich said. “Right now, [police] are doing what they have to do. I am just sitting back and waiting to see what happens.”