Political Correctness Runs Amok

When the 9/11 Commission released its report, it stated that Islamic terrorists were at war with us, but we weren’t at war with them. Basically, we treated their attacks as criminal matters. It seems history is repeating itself.

  • Obama still wants to close GTMO (Guantanamo Bay detention camp) and relocate its unrepentant combatants elsewhere. Luckily, even Democrats do not want these people in their states.
  • The NYC mayor has neutered the anti-terror division of the NYPD.
  • The Associated Press will not use the words “Islamic terrorist” in its stories.
  • Political correctness has run amok with the attorney general, who recently announced while speaking to a Muslim advocacy group last week that the parents of Muslim children are urged to contact the Justice Department and the Department of Education if their children are bullied at school. She pointed out an “area in which we are seeing growing areas of concern” involving our children, and the issues of bullying in the schools. (Point of interest: she has never urged Christian or Jewish parents of America to contact her if their children are bullied.)
  • People in this country have been bullied by the media, the Democrats and the politically correct crowd into shutting up about everything. We have seen over the last seven years the Republican Party being bullied into silence and shutting up about Obama and the Democrat Party for fear of being called racists.
  • Another point of interest is that this same Republican Party wonders why people are flocking to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Dr. Carson. It is because they are not afraid to criticize the things that are destroying and damaging the country. The establishment refuses to criticize the things and the people that are inflicting great damage on this country and its future. Then they wonder why people are abandoning them and looking for outsiders, and that includes Sanders. 
  • Finally, just to drive the point home, it was reported that a neighbor of the San Bernardino shooting suspect saw what could be considered odd behavior and felt embarrassed to report it. It is this political climate that permitted that.

As I write this, out in San Bernardino there are many people dead and wounded. In those first 48 hours, no one in authority wanted to admit that what happened here is an act of terror. They tried their damnedest not to announce the motive. They were saying things like: “Well, you know, it’s very delicate here. We can’t really know for sure.” This, even though they had the name within three hours. Again they were saying: “Well, we’re going be very delicate, we don’t want to cause any backlash.” It was eye opening, educational, informative and illustrative to watch the pained efforts of many, primarily in the establishment, try to tell people this was not what we all knew it was.

There are people at war with us. Our leaders, repeating the mistakes of the past will not admit it. In fact, they are trying to make excuses for it. They are trying to convince us it is our fault. Our gun laws, our lifestyle, our wealth. The only thing we are guilty of is wanting to be free and pursue our destiny. The top four Republican challengers will not apologize for this. Neither should you. Do not fall for the propaganda that we have found the enemy and he is us.

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Our enemy is not either the first or Second Amendment. Nor is it our belief in God and prayer, in spite of the recent Daily News headline. Our enemy is killing innocent people. Our enemy is not just out there; they are here.

This is what I say, what say you?

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