Dear Dr. Linda,

I read your column every week, but as an intermediate teacher, I especially love the quizzes and often share them with my students because they’re fun. In honor of Presidents Day, will you give us another chance to test what we know about the presidents?

Fifth Grade Teacher

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Dear Fifth Grade Teacher,

I love the quizzes, too, no matter what the subjects, because no matter what age, we’re engaged when we play and we learn because of it. That’s why you’ve probably noticed that I talk a lot about using games of all kinds to teach and learn facts—whether those facts are the sounds that letters make or interesting facts about U.S. history or science. Learning any new subject or building on past learning is much easier when we know and understand the terms, words, and facts about a subject. They’re the foundation to expanded understanding and higher order thinking, so why not make it fun!

Adults, practice up and be sure to let your students and children test you on the questions too!

Match the President to the Fact

Match the names of the president(s) to interesting facts about each one.

1. Which president established a federal budget?

2. Who signed the Emancipation Proclamation?

3. Which president was the youngest ever when he was elected?

4. Who was the only unmarried president?

5. Who was the only president with a Ph.D.?

6. Which president commanded the Allies during World War II?

7. Which two presidents’ fathers were also president?

8. Who was president during The Great Depression and World War II?

9. Which president was the first to be born in the United States?

10. Which of our first five presidents did not own slaves?

11. Which president was arrested for driving his horse and carriage too fast?

12. Which president was the first to ride in an automobile while in office?

Have fun!

Dr. Linda

Answers: 1. Warren Harding 2. Abraham Lincoln 3. John F. Kennedy (Theodore Roosevelt was younger than Kennedy when he became president after William McKinley’s death, but he was not elected president until 1904.) 4. James Buchanan 5. Woodrow Wilson 6. Dwight Eisenhower 7. John Quincy Adams and George W. Bush 8. Franklin Roosevelt 9. Martin van Buren 10. John Adams 11. Ulysses Grant 12. William McKinley