If you say that there is a conspiracy from the entrenched bureaucracy to either 1) take out Trump, 2) discredit Trump or 3) hamper his implementing his agenda, you would be called a nut job, that you are paranoid.

However, it is not paranoia if they are out to get you. There is proof that Trump is right. Of all the leaks that have come from the justice department since last year, the one thing that never, ever leaked was that Trump was not being personally investigated.

Last week, Comey admitted as much. What Trump said months ago was true. Think about where we would be now if that simple fact was leaked last year, or even earlier this year. This fact was purposely held back to continue the narrative that Trump is a reprobate.

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If there was obstruction of justice, it was former Attorney General Loretta Lynch trying to make the investigation of Hillary’s email server coincide with the Clinton campaign talking points. This was what Comey opened with, and the media is ignoring. Comey said, “The attorney general was looking to align campaign language with our language, which... gave me a queasy feeling.”

The real crime, the one not being investigated, the one being covered up by Washington and the media, is Obama’s spying on American citizens and then unmasking them to the media. We know that last year, Obama supposedly spied on foreigners talking to Americans as a way to avoid having to get a FISA warrant. Then, they unmasked the names of the Americans and then leaked them to the media. That is a crime. Reports show that there were 300 to 1,000 Americans spied on. Most were of the Trump team and assorted Republicans, both elected and not.

Comey admitted he asked a close friend of his, Columbia law professor Daniel Richman, to leak the content of his memos to the media (which he did not mark as classified) with the hope of triggering the appointment of a special counsel. Which it did.

One other thing regarding media leaks: You cannot have Trump or his campaign colluding with the Russians and Jared Kushner being investigated for trying unsuccessfully to open a back door channel to the Russians in the same universe. If there was collusion, then the back door channels would have already existed.

The Trump Agenda

I have told you many times that the establishment Republicans do not want Trump to succeed. He is an outsider and they cannot afford for him to show the phonies and frauds they have been to their voters.

Understand this: The Republicans never wanted to lead. They wanted to be the Wha Wha Party, crying about the mean old Hillary and the terrible things she wants to do that they cannot stop. They pretty much knew they would remain in charge of the purse strings; however, what good would that do if there is no money in the purse? Which is why they funded everything Obama wanted. They would have done the same with Hillary. So even though they campaigned on tax reform and repealing Obamacare, they had no intention of doing either.

However, Trump won and upset their plans. Now, they have to lead and they do not want to. How else do you explain that even though the Democrats are in the minority, they are setting the legislative agenda, not the Republicans, not Trump.

You want proof? Here it is. Mitch McConnell says he cannot see a way to getting 50 votes for the House Obamacare repeal bill. Stop and think. Back in 2011, when the only element that we had was the House of Representatives and Republican voters were constantly saying, “Why aren’t you doing more to stop Obama?”, the answer was always, “Well, all we have got is the House. We cannot get anything through the Senate because the Democrats own the Senate. Obama’s in the White House. We need the Senate.”

So, in 2014 voters gave Republicans the Senate, and before the new Senate was sworn in, Mitch McConnell said, “Well, the first thing you have to know is it takes 60 votes to do anything in the Senate, and we do not have 60 votes.” Then he would say without missing a beat, “Plus, as long as Obama’s still in the White House, he is going to veto whatever we pass.” We need the White House. He was hoping to get one of theirs in the presidency. He did not count on Trump.

So in 2016 we gave the Republicans the White House and elected Trump. Now there was a recent Wall Street Journal story about how the Republicans in the House cannot figure out a way to do Trump’s economic agenda. It’s just impossible. They just cannot find a way to cut any taxes because according to Washington think, every time they cut a tax over here, they have to find a way to make the money up over there, and they just cannot. You see, Washington cannot do with less. They are looking at all these various tax cuts and asking how are we going to pay for all this? Remember, according to Washington think, it is their money, not yours.

Then, Trump shows them how and they have a cow saying you cannot cut this, or that there are no real cuts to the bottom line on most of the items in his budget, just like I said last week, only the rate of growth is cut. Besides, if you cut taxes, we will get less revenue, just ask the Democrats. Remember I exposed this rewrite of history last week.

So, the Republican Party, which is ostensibly the party of the president, are road blocking Donald Trump’s agenda more than the Democrats are. The Democrats do not have the votes in the House or Senate to stop Trump, if the Republicans grew a pair and got rid of the filibuster rule. It’s not the Democrats standing up and saying, “We cannot help.” It’s the Republicans. They do not want to cut taxes institutionally or economically. They just do not want to lead. They do not want to help Trump. They prove it every day.

This is what I say. What say you?