Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee for president and a leading critic of Trump’s campaign, showed why he lost an election that by all rights he should have won with his speech last Thursday in Salt Lake City.

He says of Trump: “His domestic policies would lead to recession.” Message to Romney: We are and have been in a recession since 2007! It has been this administration’s policies, funded by Republicans that have caused this. The only bright spot has been in the energy sector, this in spite of government policy, not because of it. Yet still, if you listen to the Washington economic elite, this is a bad thing for business. It is bad for the stock market. Well, if you look around, while the stock market had been booming, 94 million people stopped looking for work. Of that, 50 million were women. Black youth unemployment has been 50 percent. Like all Washington establishment believe, if it is good for people, it is bad for Washington and their contributors, so it must be a bad thing. What exactly, Mr. Romney, in The Donald’s policies could possibly make this worse?

Romney went on to say: “His foreign policies would make America and the world less safe.” Less safe than what? Now? You mean to say that by putting restriction on our borders until we get a handle on who exactly is coming here would actually make us less safe? Do you mean to say his polices would lead to ISIS taking control of Syria, Lybia and Iraq? Wow! Who knew that this administration was following Trump’s policies all along?

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Then, using Democrat talking points, Romney says: “His coddling of repugnant bigotry is not in the character of America.” Trump has been repudiating David Duke and the KKK since 2000, when Trump left the Reform Party (the party created by Ross Perot) after Duke said he was a member. Typical of Romney, he goes after Republican conservatives instead of Democrats. Why do you think he lost? Instead of going after Trump on some made up allegation that has no basis in fact, why did he not instead ask why Hillary Clinton won’t disavow the race-baiting Al Sharpton instead of going on bended knee looking for his endorsement? Why did he not ask why Hillary does not disavow Black Lives Matter, which is responsible for inflaming racial tensions based on false narratives?

Worse, why did he not use this presser to educate people about the real KKK? This organization was created as the military arm of the Democrat Party after the Civil War to intimidate white people and stop blacks from exercising their newfound freedoms. Why did he not point out that Hillary herself (and the YouTube post is out there) embraced the late West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd, saying she looked upon him as her mentor? Robert Byrd was the former senate majority leader in the ‘80s. In his youth he was a kleagle in the KKK, meaning he was a recruiter. Yet, according to Romney, Trump has the racist tendencies.

He goes on to explain that he understands the anger that the national electorate feels; the anger that has led to Trump’s rise within the party. Gag me with a spoon. He still does not understand the anger Republicans still feel about him and the pathetic campaign he ran against Obama. He still does not understand the Republican voters are sick and tired of having their leaders going after them instead of Democrats, and why their leaders do not use the same passion to defeat Democrats instead of Republican conservatives.

I told you if Trump supporters break the Super Tuesday firewall, the establishment would go nuts. You have their new candidate, Rubio, doing Don Rickles impressions. Now, you have the loser of 2012 telling us who we need to vote for to win. We were also told by this same establishment that Romney, the father of Obamacare, was the only one who could beat Obama. You saw how that worked out. The Republican base is saying “screw you!” You gave us President McCain. You gave us President Romney. You disavowed us. You gave the Democrats a pass and beat us up. Now, it is our turn. Right or wrong, we are going to do it our way. We already know your way is the path to defeat.

We are also not fooled by you. We know that if Trump were not in the race and leading, you would be doing this to Cruz.

This is what I say. What say you?